Home Politics Flynn is only the first one. Trump will open a “Lightning Amnesty” in his last term.
Flynn is only the first one. Trump will open a "Lightning Amnesty" in his last term.

Flynn is only the first one. Trump will open a “Lightning Amnesty” in his last term.

by YCPress

Michael Flynn

On November 25th local time, current US President Trump announced a pardon for former national security adviser Michael Flynn on Twitter. U.S. media reported that Trump may start the “amnesty blitzkrieg” before leaving office.

The New York Times reported on the 25th that although the end of any presidential term is a period of intensive pardon-related lobbying, Trump may add individuals to the pardon due to Trump’s “lingering resent resentment” against the “co-Russia” sentence and too many of his political allies to “get into trouble” Political considerations.

According to the report, several lawyers and other relevant people expect Trump to pardon political allies who had “get into trouble” in the last months of his term. It is reported that his political allies currently convicted include Paul Manafort, who served as campaign manager in the Trump campaign, Rick Gates, Manafort’s business partner, and George Papadopoulos, the campaign’s foreign policy adviser, who were accused of money laundering, conspiracy against the United States in 2017. Perjury, etc. In addition, there are former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, who was exposed to have solicited bribes, and Roger Stone, a political campaign adviser sentenced for perjury to the U.S. Congress.

The report said that as Trump has not yet recognized the results of the presidential election and has filed legal proceedings in several key states of the election, the lobbying activities of the pardoners’ plan have also been “obstructed.” The people who may seek pardon, and their attorneys’ representatives, said in an interview with The New York Times that they are waiting for Trump to “confess” or at least say he’s “ready to start dealing with” the impending presidency in order to intensify appeals.

Cummins, a former federal prosecutor, said that many people have come to him for help lobby Trump to exercise his pardon. In addition, the report also said that some people who “may seek pardon” are discussing seeking pardon from Trump through donations, lawyers, and business relationships.

According to previous reports, Rick Gates, a former Trump campaign aide, said in his new book last month that although he did not expect to receive a pardon, he would be “very honored if he could be pardoned”.