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White House office fun fact: Trump's favorite Coke button is back

Today, this little red button in the White House is on fire.

by YCPress

Although former U.S. President Trump has stepped down and returned to his Mar-a-Lago Manor in Florida to play golf, many mainstream media in the United States who are tired of him are still creating new public opinion hotspots around him.

Well, today these mainstream media in the United States broke the news that a special little red button Trump used often in the White House office during his presidency was removed by Biden.

As shown in the figure below, it is the little red button that once placed on Trump’s White House desk that has attracted American netizens to watch now.

According to several American and Western media before Trump came to power, this little red button has appeared on the White House desks of many American presidents and was used to summon secret agents, cronies or servicemen to the president.

But why does this button suddenly attract onlookers on American networks now?

It turned out that after Trump moved into the White House in 2017, he invited reporters from the Associated Press and the Financial Times to interview him at the White House and introduced them to many office facilities, including this button.

According to reports from two media at that time, when asked whether the button was thought to be a “nuclear button”, Trump not only clarified the misunderstanding, but also used the button to summon White House staff to provide him with a bottle of Diet Coke.

However, because many people in the mainstream media in the United States hate Trump very much, and Trump likes to drink Diet Coke, even the pro-Trump American Fox News Network confirmed this fact, so the button was rumored to be Trump’s “Healthy Coke button” by the mainstream media at that time (as shown in the figure below). She) to fit the image of “giant baby” created by these media for Trump. Trump has also been criticized and laughed at a lot.

Now, when the new President Biden enters the White House and begins to work inside, some reporters find that the little red button is missing from his desk, so these reporters post on social networking sites that “Trump’s Diet Coke button has been removed by Biden”.

Naturally, this reminds American netizens of another onlookers and ridicule of Trump.

However, Trump supporters also jumped out quickly to defend their idols.

One Trump supporter said that this button is not exclusive to Trump. Former President Obama and Bush have this button on their desks:

The person also said that this is a simple button to call the clerk, and it is only because the clerk knows what Trump needs that he will provide him with drinks accordingly.

Things are not that complicated.

But there are also some “poisonous” Trump supporters who are using this little button joke to irony Biden’s Democratic Party.

One of Trump fans said quite bitterly: “Clinton should use this button to summon new interns.” ( Note: When Clinton, a former Democratic President of the United States, had a sex scandal with a female intern named Lewinsky in his White House office, and he was almost impeached by the U.S. Congress for this.)