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There is a shortage of nurses. Britain recruits 30,000 volunteers to help get a vaccine.

“If you get a vaccine, you will send cannabis for free.”

by YCPress

Recently, cannabis product companies in many parts of the United States have launched advertisements, allowing citizens to collect free marijuana in cannabis stores with certificates of vaccination against the novel coronavirus.

Since the beginning of January, in many areas that allow the legal use of cannabis products, such as Michigan, California and Washington, D.C., has successively announced that local citizens can go to participating cannabis shops to the program to collect free cannabis products with certificates of vaccination against the novel coronavirus.

In Michigan, the “vaccine-for-cannabis” plan has been announced to officially start today (22nd).

Many cannabis dealers involved in the program said they hoped to encourage more of their customers to participate in vaccinations, so as to reverse the prejudice against vaccines in many Americans.

Many netizens, including cannabis consumers, regard the promotion of these cannabis enterprises as “a charity to help the United States fight the epidemic”, believing that it will help improve the local image of cannabis sales and consumers.

However, some netizens expressed dissatisfaction with this “rubbing the heat” behavior, believing that these enterprises that sell spiritual products that have a negative impact on health should not take the opportunity to promote it.

Some netizens also cited some reports that were widely retweeted by cannabis sales and consumers, which promoted the current unsubstantiated conclusion that “cannabis products can help prevent the novel coronavirus”, and even many marijuana sellers distorted it as “drawing marijuana can prevent the novel coronavirus”.

These netizens pointed out that marijuana sellers really want to contribute to the fight against the epidemic, it is better to stop retweeting such rumors.

In addition to encouraging consumers to be vaccinated, cannabis product companies in many states in the United States are also pushing for their employees to give priority vaccinations.

In Maryland, where cannabis is limited to therapeutic use, the cannabis regulatory committee under the state health department issued a notice on the 11th that cannabis suppliers with relevant licenses can be included in the “priority vaccination list” as “medical service practitioners”.

In California, where marijuana is allowed for adult recreational use, there are also many companies that sell recreational marijuana, hoping to be included in the list of priority vaccinations by the local health department under the name of “working overtime to provide important materials during the epidemic”.

On a news page that supports the legalization of cannabis, the report also specifically takes stock of the relevant policies of various states in the United States to vaccinate workers in the cannabis-related industry, and said that many companies are strongly advocating that their employees be included in the priority vaccination program.