Home Entertainment To promote the new crown vaccine, the White House plans to give “Santa Claus” priority vaccination
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To promote the new crown vaccine, the White House plans to give “Santa Claus” priority vaccination

by YCPress

October 26. US media reported that the White House is trying to reach an unprecedented agreement that will enable Santa Claus performers to be vaccinated against the new crown virus as soon as possible in exchange for its support to promote the US-made new crown vaccine.

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal on the 25th, this unusual plan was put forward by Michael Caputo, an official of the US Department of Health and Human Services, who took sick leave after accusing government scientists of “seditioning a rebellion” last month.

. Caputo expects that the vaccine will be urgently approved in time before Christmas. Caputo suggested in August that actors who play Santa Claus, Mrs. Santa, and Christmas Elves, if they agree to participate in public service announcements, they may be the first to receive immunization. One of the people.

Ric Erwin, chairman of the “True Bearded Brotherhood of Santa Claus,” accepted the suggestion. “With your help to Santa Claus, Santa Claus will definitely give back.” He said during the call. 

This conversation was recorded and later shared with The Wall Street Journal.

It is estimated that the taxpayer-funded advertising campaign will cost 250 million U.S. dollars and will be promoted on television, radio programs and live broadcasts in as many as 35 cities. But several members of the US Congress expressed concern that this is a “political propaganda campaign” disguised as a public health campaign. 

The US Department of Health told the Wall Street Journal on the 23rd that it had cancelled all vaccine promotion plans. The minister also stated that he was not aware of the connection between his agency and Santa Claus.

Irving said in the newspaper: “This is our best hope for Christmas in 2020, and it seems to be gone now.” Irving also added that nearly 100 Santa Clauses have agreed to volunteer for the show.

Earlier, the White House adopted “Operation Warp Speed” to promote the production and distribution of vaccines as soon as possible. The US federal government even stated that the vaccine will be widely used before November 3. 

However, the rapid promotion of vaccine distribution and vaccination has made the FDA concerned about political pressure from the White House. Seven American experts have said that the White House has obvious signs of politicized intervention, which has shaken people’s trust and confidence in the leadership of American health institutions.