Home Politics Three PLA military planes gathered in the Taiwan Strait, just to catch a “current” of US warship
Three PLA military planes gathered in the Taiwan Strait, just to catch a "current" of US warship

Three PLA military planes gathered in the Taiwan Strait, just to catch a “current” of US warship

by YCPress

Since November, the situation in the Taiwan Strait is still very complicated and severe. In particular, the US government has begun to play the “Taiwan card” again, and has continued to speak out in public. In particular, Pompeo made false statements concerning Taiwan in an interview with the media, which violated The one China policy of the US government has always been.

And after Pompeo made such remarks, the Taiwan Democratic Progressive Party authorities hurriedly expressed gratitude to Pompeo for his “support”, which allowed the tension in the Taiwan Strait to escalate again.

Against this background, the PLA has intensified its military aircraft’s cruising around Taiwan and continuously entered the airspace of the Taiwan Strait.

PLA military aircraft gather in Taiwan Strait

Since September this year, the DPP authorities have taken the initiative to provoke cross-strait disputes, continue to provoke the mainland by force, and also deliberately seek to achieve “Taiwan independence” ambitions by wooing the United States.

Under these circumstances, in order to maintain national unity and deter “Taiwan independence” elements, PLA military aircraft began to frequent the airspace of the Taiwan Strait, warning the “Taiwan independence” elements to immediately stop their wrong actions.

However, this action of the People’s Liberation Army did not immediately work. The DPP authorities still went their own way and went further and further on the road of “Taiwan independence”. The chariot of “Taiwan independence”.

In response to the perplexity of the DPP authorities, the PLA can only increase the intensity of military aircraft circumventing Taiwan. According to relevant information from Taiwan’s defense department, the PLA dispatched three military aircraft into Taiwan’s so-called “Southwest Air Defense Identification Zone” on the 21st. And this includes communication countermeasures and anti-submarine aircraft.

This is also the 15th time the PLA has entered the so-called Southwest Air Defense Identification Zone since November.

Captured the “current” US warship

According to Taiwan’s defense department, on the day the PLA military aircraft entered Taiwan’s “southwest airspace,” an American destroyer passed through the Taiwan Strait from north to south. This move by the US military was caught by the PLA.

The U.S. military has been continuously sending warships and military planes to the surrounding waters of our country, continuously increasing the tension in the Taiwan Strait.

Although the United States has always been under the banner of “freedom of navigation”, everyone knows what the true purpose of the United States is.

In particular, the situation in the Taiwan Strait has been very tense recently. At this time, the US dispatch of destroyers to pass through the Taiwan Strait has undoubtedly intensified the confrontation between the two sides of the strait.

However, the United States should not dream of fishing in troubled waters and interfering in the situation in the Taiwan Strait at this time. Once something happens in the Taiwan Strait, the People’s Liberation Army will resolve any unfavorable factors as soon as possible and bring the two sides of the strait back to peace.