Home Politics Saddam’s eldest son has sinned for a lifetime and feeds his rival to the lion
Saddam’s eldest son has sinned for a lifetime and feeds his rival to the lion

Saddam’s eldest son has sinned for a lifetime and feeds his rival to the lion

by YCPress

When we talked about the most powerful person in the Middle East, it was Saddam, and at the same time, only Gaddafi can be compared with him. Both of them are heroes. They say the same in their fields and countries. However, during Saddam’s administration, although he led Iraq to the peak of the economy, he also stubbornly attracted the gaze of the United States, which eventually led to his family’s destruction and incomprehension by the people.

Some people say that Saddam is a hero, some say that he is a tyrant. Indeed, Saddam treats his political opponents by any means, and he can ignore everything for the sake of power. But he is very caring for the people. He once set up four “free”, which can be said to let the people’s lives enter the forefront of the world. Although he is very good to the people, the people’s impression of him is not good. Why is this? In fact, it mainly comes from one person, that is, the brutal demon Uday. As Saddam’s eldest son, Uday was so doted. In one sentence, the royal family loves the eldest son, and the people dominate the youngest. Generally, the eldest son represents orthodoxy and succession of power, so many royal or political families like to cultivate eldest sons, and Saddam is no exception.

When he was a child, Uday was so much loved, his character was inexhaustible, but it was just a performance of a dude, and making him a demon was still influenced by Saddam. When Uday was born, Saddam was just in prison. Three years later, Saddam successfully escaped from prison and regained power. At this time, he understood the importance of power, so he no longer had luck, but used it against the enemy. With the harshest criminal law, Uday also grew up in this environment.

Saddam knew that a family is not dependent on one generation, but passed on from generation to generation, so he cultivated Udai as an heir. The idea that he instilled since childhood is that wolves can only eat meat for thousands of miles. The demands on his son are very high. At the age of six, he taught Uday to shoot, and at the age of seven he asked him to shoot the prisoners alone. Life is not worth mentioning in their eyes. Therefore, for a long period of time, Uday’s personality was tyrannical. He laughed at life and died, and did whatever he didn’t agree with. As Saddam became busy at work, the “cultivation” of Uday was somewhat stagnant. Therefore, after the age of ten, Uday was influenced by his mother and his personality was no longer so extreme.

When Uday was 15 years old, Saddam’s power reached its peak and he began to control the entire Iraq. At this time, the Iran-Iraq War was also launched, which did not end until Uday University graduated. The war hit the economy, and Iraq has also changed from a powerful country in the Middle East to a country heavily in debt. In order to prevent the loss of its own rights, Saddam began to interfere in all aspects of the domestic regime, striving for its own position in every position. People, and Uday, during this period, was arranged by Saddam to take over the Olympic Committee.

In fact, this was also an experience for him, but unfortunately it was this small right that made him lose himself. After returning to the family, Uday experienced a major event. At this time, Saddam began to indulge in the tender country for a long time because of military failures. He was cold about Uday and their mother and son. This made him think that he was the confidant of his father. It was caused by Kamal’s introduction of beautiful women, especially this confidant, who often referred to Saddam’s “sibling brothers” and never regarded his eldest son in his eyes. How good is Kamal and Saddam? Basically, they eat and live together. Many foods that Saddam ate require him to test poison in advance, so he became the first person under Saddam.

In this case, Kamal taunted Uday in a private occasion, and Uday, because of his youth and vigor, stabbed him to death with a pointed wooden stick on the spot. Uday thought that his father would only lift up and put it down gently, but he did not expect that Saddam’s anger would be ushered in. Saddam carefully selected several soldiers in the army and locked him and his eldest son in a room for forty days of beatings. After Uday came out, he was dying, so that he understood his status and identity. He was no longer the eldest son that Saddam liked, and he became tyrannical ever since.

As the power holder of the Iraqi Olympic Committee, Uday used his own rights to provide “enjoyment”. This kind of pleasure is to kill and kill. During his reign, more than 50 elite Iraqi athletes were tortured to death, and hundreds of athletes were killed. So disabled. And because it was the defeat of the war, the Iraqis put their spirit on competitive sports, so Uday’s requirements were very strict. He established a tough image in the hearts of the people that “Iraqi athletes cannot lose.” Uday’s punishment can also stop children from crying. Football players are not satisfied, so they use a whip to get bloody blood below their knees. If they are not satisfied with track and field sports, they are required to run barefoot on the freshly poured asphalt, and the women’s basketball team is not satisfied. Ask to take off your clothes and shave your head for training.

It can be said that the tyranny has reached its extreme, and it is widely circulated that Uday once arrested his two love rivals when he was in school, just because these two people fell in love with the same woman as him, then how did he treat it. He staged a battle between humans and beasts, where two people and a majestic lion were locked in a cage. When the cage was opened, there was not even a complete bone inside except for the lion. The perennial tyrannical Uday has also gradually increased Saddam’s stains, making the people’s anger against this family increasing day by day.