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Thousands of people stranded and frozen after Trump rally, many were sent to hospital

by YCPress

October 29. On the 27th local time, US President Trump held a rally in Omaha, Nebraska. The temperature was very low that night, and many people were transported to the venue by bus.

After the event, there was a chaotic scene of thousands of people stranded. Many people even had to be taken to the hospital because they were frozen out of hypothermia on the road because they planned to walk back to the parking lot by themselves.

According to a report from the US Newsweek on the 28th, before the event, many spectators left their cars in the parking lot far away, and were later brought to the venue by the Big Bara. 

However, because the local police failed to coordinate the vehicles in time after the event, many people waited for several hours at the venue. CNN reporter Jeff Zeleni said that after Trump took the opportunity to leave for more than an hour, thousands of people were still trapped on a dark road, and the crowd at the scene was “in chaos.”

The Omaha police stated before the event that the parking space at the rally was full, and people were not allowed to walk, take a taxi or use any other means of transportation to go by themselves. It is understood that the event site is 3.7 miles (about 6 kilometers) from a nearby parking lot. 

Local media in Omaha stated that many police officers were dispatched to look for people who could not find their vehicles in the cold wind. Many people developed hypothermia and were taken to the hospital. “The local emergency personnel received a 68-year-old man who may have hypothermia. Symptom and trance”.

The report said that by 11 o’clock that night, there were still thousands of people who had not left the scene, and the police were still looking for people who were frozen on the roadside. The police said that the surrounding parking lots were gradually emptied until 1 am the next day, and there were fewer pedestrians on the road.