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Naka conflict region 3 years kid lost her parents and sister in war

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Naka conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan in the Naka region continues. The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan said on the 28th that the central city of Barda in Azerbaijan was attacked by Armenian rockets. At least 21 people have been killed and 70 injured. The Armenian Ministry of Defense denied launching an attack on Barda.

The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan stated on the 28th that Armenia attacked a densely populated area in Barda city that day, “causing heavy casualties.”

The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan also accused Armenia of breaking the ceasefire agreement and launching shelling on Tatar and other areas in Azerbaijan.

The Armenian Ministry of Defense then denied the allegations of the attack on Barda.

According to reports from the Armenian News Agency, the Azerbaijani military carried out multiple attacks on the cities of Stepanakert in the Naka region that day, causing casualties. According to reports, since the conflict broke out on the 27th of last month, the death toll of Naka military personnel has reached 1,068.

▌Yayaa reached a ceasefire agreement three times, but the conflict has not subsided

Armenia and Azerbaijan respectively reached an agreement on a ceasefire in the Naka region on the 10th and 17th of this month, but after the agreement took effect, both sides accused the other of breaking the ceasefire and launching attacks. On the 25th, the two countries reached a third ceasefire agreement, agreeing to implement a new round of humanitarian ceasefire from 8 a.m. local time on the 26th. However, the conflict in the Naka region has not subsided. The two sides continue to accuse each other of breaking the ceasefire and launching an offensive.

Russian President’s Press Secretary Peskov stated on the 28th that although the ceasefire agreement has come into effect, conflicts continue in the Naka region, which is regrettable and worrying.

▌War and ruthless 3-year-old girl loses her parents and sister is distressing

The conflict in the Naka region broke out on September 27 and has lasted for a month. The war caused people there to experience the pain of losing their loved ones.

Hadija’s grandfather Nizami: She said she was looking for her mother, but where should she go?

This Azerbaijani girl named Hadija is only 3 years old this year. One night, a missile hit her home.

Hadija’s grandfather Nizami: (Hearing the news of the missile attack), I quickly jumped into the car to check the situation, and when I came to their door, the whole world collapsed. The gate is gone, the wall is gone, nothing is left, only darkness is left. I asked them what happened to the people inside, and they said don’t worry, no one died.

With hope, the relatives searched all the hospitals in the next time, but they never found Hadija’s parents and sisters. Finally, they had to accept the reality that their loved ones had passed away.

Hadija’s grandfather Nizami: The truth is, when I first visited their house, they were already buried under the rubble.

Now, Hadija is taken care of by his grandfather and grandmother. Hadija was unable to open his eyes for three full days because of the missile fragments that broke his eyes.

Hadija’s grandmother Sevinchi: I just hope she can grow up well, and God saved our granddaughter so that we can see our daughter in her.