Home Business The White House presidential office has changed a lot: Trump’s idol painting is gone, and there is an extra moon rock.
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The White House presidential office has changed a lot: Trump’s idol painting is gone, and there is an extra moon rock.

by YCPress

January 22 – The Associated Press and the American World Daily reported on the 21st that Biden was sworn in as President of the United States on the 20th.

His White House Oval Office has a new layout, changing the decoration style of former President Trump, and many portraits of famous American historical figures, as well as a piece of beauty.

The “old” 3.9 billion-year-old lunar rock block provided by NASA symbolizes the ambition and achievements of the United States in exploring outer space.

Biden chose to hang the portrait of former Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt directly opposite the “firm desk” of the president’s desk, replacing the portrait of former President Andrew Jackson hung by Trump.

The American media regarded Jackson as the first populist president in the United States.

He proposed to end the electoral college system and signed the Indian Removal Act. Some of his ruling styles have been modeled by Trump.

In addition, Biden hung portraits of Washington, the father of the United States, Thomas Jefferson, former Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton and former President Lincoln on both sides of Roosevelt’s portrait.

In addition, Trump’s military flag displayed behind the “firm table” has also been replaced by the American flag and the flag with the presidential seal.

Next to the fireplace in the office, there is a bust of Martin Luther King, the leader of the African American civil rights movement and Robert Kennedy, the most appealing political leader after World War II.

The firm table” is rear by a bust of union leader Cesar Chávez, surrounded by pictures of Biden’s family, including a picture of Biden’s late son Bo Biden.

In the office, there are also Rosa Parks, the bust of former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, and a knight statue of contemporary Indian artist Alan Haller.

On the bookshelf on the side of the room, there are stones recovered from the moon.

According to Xinhua News Agency, Biden, like Trump and his predecessor Barack Obama, chose the “firm desk” made of oak from six presidential desks to be placed in the Oval Office.

This desk was given to the U.S. government by the British government in 1880. The wood used was from the British navy’s three-masted rescue ship “Fortitude”.

The White House Oval Office is the office of the President of the United States.

Successive presidents have redecorated the room according to their own characteristics and political ideas.

Therefore, the decoration of the Oval Office has a unique symbolic significance.