Home Politics The US military, which the Poles have “robbed” so badly, will they be returned?
The US military, which the Poles have "robbed" so badly, will they be returned?

The US military, which the Poles have “robbed” so badly, will they be returned?

by YCPress

According to the US “Defense News” website on November 10, 2020, as the US Democratic candidate Biden announced that he was elected President of the United States, German officials began to realize that under Biden’s leadership, German-US relations may be possible.

There will be some changes. German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated that Germany will work hard to get rid of the “hostile bilateral relations that prevailed in the Trump era.”

The governor of Bavaria also expressed the hope that the United States would shelve the withdrawal plan of US troops in Germany.

German Chancellor Merkel said that the United States is still our most important ally, and we must take greater responsibility for this partnership. 

The governor of Bavaria, Markus Soder (Markus Soder) also said that Biden’s election gave him a sigh of relief. He believes that “the United States should put aside some one-sided and politically motivated withdrawal plans.”

 According to data, the famous training base of the US military in Germany-Grafenwall Training Ground is located in the state.

As we all know, during Trump’s presidency, relations between the United States and Germany were tense. Trump has always urged Germany to increase defense spending and claimed that Germany has become a “captive” of Russia on energy issues.

Previously, the US Department of Defense announced that it would withdraw approximately 12,000 US soldiers from Germany and about 5,600 US soldiers would be redeployed to Poland and other European countries. 

In addition, under the framework of the decision to reduce the US military in Germany, the US European Command in Stuttgart, Germany will also be moved to Belgium.

The “Defense News” website quoted former U.S. Army European forces and retired lieutenant general Ben Hodges as saying that the incoming Biden administration will freeze the withdrawal plan of the U.S. troops in Germany.

According to previous media reports, on July 31, 2020, Polish Minister of Defense Blaszczak announced that Poland and the United States have reached an agreement on strengthening defense cooperation and that the US military will substantially increase its military presence in Eastern Europe based on the agreement. 

It is reported that the number of US troops stationed in Poland will increase from the previous 4,500 to at least 5,500, and the mode of stationing will also shift from a rotation to a permanent garrison. 

According to the agreement between Poland and the United States, the U.S. troops that withdrew from Germany are very likely to be deployed “closely” in Poland. However, with the change in the candidates for the president of the United States, the American troops that the Poles have worked so hard to “rob” are likely to be taken back.