Home Politics Erdogan targeted Pakistan as the Turkish aide
Erdogan targeted Pakistan as the Turkish aide

Erdogan targeted Pakistan as the Turkish aide

by YCPress

Guarding 10 countries is not a good thing! Erdogan targeted Pakistan as the Turkish aide

Let’s start with the special military attributes of Pakistan.

We call them Pakistan Railways. In fact, in the eyes of many countries of the same sect, Pakistan is also their “iron buddies”. The important reason is that Pakistan uses military means to help them maintain their power.

Of course, the so-called stationing does not necessarily mean that Pakistan has set up its own military bases in these countries, but that it sends mercenaries or coordinated forces under the Pakistani military to them to fight or maintain law and order in the local area. You can get the economic benefits given by the locals. In return, it can also show the brotherhood of the same family.

Some global military power reports pointed out that Pakistan’s military power is enough to rank sixth in the world, and some say it ranks eighth.

No matter the sixth or eighth, they are already very powerful! This little secret of Pakistan is quite surprising!

It maintains military organizations such as mercenaries or task forces in several Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia, Libya, Jordan, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Iraq, Oman, the UAE, Bahrain, and Kuwait.

For example, one of the main forces helping Saudi and Yemeni government forces to deal with the Houthis is the Pakistani military.

Even in the early years, the African country’s Zimbabwe Air Force appointed a Pakistani commander as its air force commander. The main pilot is also from Pakistan.

For example, when the Arabs and the Israelis were engaged in the Middle East war, the Pakistan Air Force also helped Jordan and shot down Israeli fighters.

Erdogan’s fancy is Pakistan’s frequent deployment of military forces overseas. Can be used by Turkey.

Because today’s Turkey needs external forces in the competition between the Caucasus and Syria, as well as the Eastern Mediterranean and Greece. Pakistan became the object of his lobbying.

After Turkey’s failed coup in 2016, Erdogan purged a large number of soldiers, including the air force, so that the combat capability of the country’s air force was weakened. Pakistan was enlisted by Turkey to fight overseas.

For example, Armenia complained that Pakistanis were found in the recent Naka conflict;

Greece, which is arguing with Turkey for oil and gas resources in the Eastern Mediterranean, also recently warned that there are signs of Pakistani Air Force intervention.

Pakistan and Turkey have always had a good relationship. Just look at their flags and they look the same! Only the color is different.

Therefore, Turkey wins over Pakistan, and Pakistan is willing to take the initiative to approach this NATO power.

Uncle Mu said that being too close to Erdogan is not good for Pakistan.

Becoming Turkey’s thug, this will damage Pakistan’s international image, and it may also be dragged down by Turkey to the unfavorable situation of making enemies with more countries.