Home Politics The US called China’s sanctions “shameless”, and Hua Chunying’s response
The US called China’s sanctions "shameless", and Hua Chunying's response

The US called China’s sanctions “shameless”, and Hua Chunying’s response

by YCPress

January 22, China Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying presided over a regular press conference. 

A reporter asked questions that in response to China’s announcement of sanctions against Pompeo and others, McCall, the chief member of the Republican Party of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives, said that the sanctions are shameless and baseless. 

Prior to this, the US National Security Council spokesperson stated that China’s sanctions were not constructive.

If you don’t know the truth, do you think China bullied and bullied the United States? In response, Hua Chunying used indisputable data to show us how shameless the US government has been in recent years: During the Trump administration, a total of 3,900 different sanctions were implemented, with a frequency equivalent to 3 per day. Times. Many of them are aimed at China.

I wonder if McCall blushed? If there is even a little bit of shame, he should find a gap to get in. Of course, he would not be blushing for the shameless actions of the United States, otherwise he would not be able to accuse China’s sanctions as “shameless” with such justification.

McCall’s remarks are typical hegemonic logic: only the United States can set fires, and other countries will never allow lights.

Perhaps many people in the country cannot understand why these American politicians have such a deformed worldview. 

In fact, it is not difficult to understand that the United States jumped to the top to become the leader of the Western world after World War II, and became the leader of the world again after the end of the Cold War.

This has caused many Americans to rapidly expand their mentality as a “mountain country”, resulting in self-reliance. The false feeling of ants.

To make him perish, he must be mad. In human history, most empires are constantly expanding under the drive of this arrogant mentality, and finally flashed past like meteors. 

The United States now possesses such characteristics, and its national strength can no longer support its growing hegemonic mentality. Especially during Trump’s reign, the whole world was arrogant for the United States, and nailed bite after bite to the coffin of the empire.

Where there is oppression, there is resistance. 

The more the United States relies on strong means, the more intense the resistance will be. In the past few years, Trump has suppressed China, Russia, and Iran, bullied Syria, Venezuela, and Cuba, and blackmailed Japan, South Korea, and the European Union.

Not only has it failed to gain everyone’s fear, but on the contrary, it has made the world farther and farther away from the United States.

Under the heavy pressure of the United States, Turkey and India’s S400 air defense missiles arrived on schedule; under the containment and containment of Washington, Russia and China, which are listed as rival countries by the United States, have formed a closer relationship.

A series of cooperation has been carried out at the level; at the end of 2020, when Trump is about to step down, China and the European Union have completed negotiations on the China-EU Investment Agreement…

Under such circumstances, American politicians are not reflecting on the past, but accusing China of sanctions as “shameless”.

How ignorant and shameless they should be.

They are too far away from this international reality.

Of course, the Biden administration has not yet spoken out on this matter for two reasons: First, Trump has left a lot of trouble for Biden, who has just taken office, and it is too late to deal with and deal with such “little things.” 

Second, the 28 people sanctioned by China are all senior officials of the Trump administration and people close to Trump.

Biden may be watching their jokes.

When the Biden administration came to power, China announced sanctions on 28 anti-China politicians. The signal was undoubtedly clear. 

The next Sino-US interaction is believed to remain the most important and most worthy bilateral relationship on the international stage.