Home Business The 80-year-old billionaire built a “sexy cave” and exchanged hundreds of millions of dollars for hormones. How wild are the billionaires seeking not to grow old?
The 80-year-old billionaire built a "sexy cave" and exchanged hundreds of millions of dollars for hormones. How wild are the billionaires seeking not to grow old?

The 80-year-old billionaire built a “sexy cave” and exchanged hundreds of millions of dollars for hormones. How wild are the billionaires seeking not to grow old?

by YCPress

After the suspected surrogacy incident of a certain domestic actress detonated the Internet, another Canadian billionaire businessman’s case was staggering-he used to sexually assault a girl to “keep his youth forever.”

14,000 square meters of “yin kiln” imprisoned over 7,500 girls

According to the “Guardian” report, the 80-year-old founder of “Nijiade International” fashion group Peter Nijiade was exposed. He used the guise of recruiting models or introducing fashion jobs to lure and infringe young girls to keep healthy. ,young.

Nygaard will they imprisoned in a 14,000-square-meter Ma Baha Islands sea view villas for the rich and for their own separate ways “enjoy”, claiming that “the young model was his secret of eternal youth” . 

According to statistics from its “prostitution database”, there are currently more than 7,500 female victims, and the youngest is only 14 years old. 

In order to ensure a young body, he also looked around for various ways to delay aging, in addition to skin lifting, etc., he also spent hundreds of millions of yuan to inject stem cell needles. The scale of madness is staggering.

In fact, in the pursuit of immortality and immortality, it is not uncommon for a madman like Nigarde to be among the upper-class rich.

In order to maintain good health, Russian financial oligarch Gorman Strygov “simmered” himself in a hot tub filled with Chinese herbal medicine, claiming that the barrel has a history of 200 years, and it can cure hundreds of diseases by boiling in it. “.

In order to stay young, Peter Thiel, a highly influential investor in Silicon Valley, author of “From 0 to 1” and co-founder of PayPal, not only takes growth hormone every day, but also spends US$40,000 (about 300,000 RMB) every quarter.

Enter fresh blood from an 18-year-old “volunteer”. He declared that he would live to be 120 years old, and also spent a lot of money to invest in cryonics technology, hoping to “resurrect” counterattack when medical treatment is more developed.

There is also a group of wealthy Chinese who fly to Ukraine to inject up to 4 million embryonic Gan cell needles, hoping to be 30 years younger.

Although some medical professionals said, “This effect is minimal, and it may be treated as an intruder by the human immune system, resulting in malignant differentiation and teratogenesis.” However, 64-year-old Zeng Shengyu still said: “There is no effect or side effects, I also recognize it, but As long as there is a little curative effect, it is worth it to spend ten times more willing to do it!”

Crazy eating Harvard’s old things, wanting to be 20 years younger

The rich’s longing for longevity and immortality is beyond words. In order to live forever and enjoy honor forever, they will not hesitate to exchange sky-high wealth for any technology that may change the natural law of “birth, old age, sickness and death”. In 2017, the richest Chinese man, Li, invested 25 million US dollars (about 300 million yuan) in a precursor substance called GeNAD+. 

I also personally tried this substance by contemporary speakers and publicly declared that “I feel 20 years younger after using it.” The industry originally thought that this technology would be blacklisted by the industry again and listed as an IQ tax like a blood exchange. But I did not expect that in 2019, the world’s top scientific research magazine “Nature” listed it as one of the 7 promising anti-aging technologies in the world.

Historical data show that the GeNAD+ precursor that Lee took was derived from an anti-aging experiment conducted by David Sinclair, director of the Harvard Pual.F Aging Research Center. In the experiment, the experimental group, which originally had a remaining survival period of only 60 months, was extended to 158 days after being supplemented with this substance for 7 days. 

Aging body functions and cellular mitochondrial functions are also rejuvenated to a certain extent. Sinclair, one of its crazy fans, led his family and himself for more than a year. The methylation test showed that his biological age has returned from 50 to 31.4 years old. His 80-year-old father can easily climb up to 155 pounds of fitness. equipment.

At the end of last year, the University of Washington conducted clinical trials using the technology and scientific research results on behalf of the company’s Gene Harbor raw materials and found that the aging degree of eight 65-78 year-old experimenters has been significantly improved. 

The miraculous effect made the transformation of the biotechnology achievements into the enterprise gene port a hit. 

According to data from the Jingdong Data Research Institute, since its entry in 2018, its volume has increased by 21,600% in more than two years. The former Chairman of Maotai, Mr. Ji Keliang and Gangstar Yang Siqi, are fans. Now they are preparing to enter the international world.

The rich and the rich are competing for layout, and the life gap between the rich and the poor is increasing

In recent years, as the first wealthy people in the 1970s age, various amazing anti-aging studies have been put on the agenda. 

Real estate giant Sun Maimai last year invested 4 billion in Tsinghua University to invest in anti-aging research; Oracle CEO Larry Ellison spends 40 million US dollars a year to study human aging-related diseases; Google founder Sergey Bu Lin spent US$1 billion to sponsor Singularity University to study aging and death; venture capitalist Paul Glenn has funded hundreds of millions of US dollars to famous universities such as Harvard, Princeton, MIT, and Stanford to study longevity.

The dream of immortality of the wealthy is originally an individual’s personal affair, but after zooming in, it is discovered that the cost of its development is the further widening of the life gap between the rich and the poor. 

According to a paper in “JAMA” magazine, Norway, the world’s best-welfare region, has a lifespan gap of 13.8 years between the highest and lowest 1% of men and women, and the gap in the United States is as high as 18 years. Now, with the advancement of science and technology, this life gap between rich and poor will be further enlarged.

The mass-produced enterprise Gene Harbor, which was taken by the richest Chinese man, Li Shi, published a user portrait at the end of December this year, showing that 90% of the population are high-net-worth individuals in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and the third and fourth tiers are underdeveloped.

The proportion of urban areas does not exceed 3%. It is conceivable that, as the results of the research show, this kind of technology can greatly extend the healthy life of human beings and delay the aging process. What will happen to those who are useless by then?

Merrill Lynch, a world investment bank, predicts that with the development of biotechnology, the healthy life span of humans will exceed 100 years before long. But how to make various technologies available to all mankind is a heavy problem.