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The United States still wears its own hat, which has been criticized internationally

by YCPress

U.S. Secretary of State Blinken, in an interview with U.S. media Tuesday, attacked China for being “increasingly aggressive” overseas in an effort to become “the dominant country in the world.” This self-styled argument is nothing more than a deliberate attempt to reinforce the so-called “China threat”, to move away from China’s relations with the world, and to serve the needs of American electoral politics.

It seems that in the eyes of some in the United States, other countries to safeguard legitimate development rights and interests is “aggressive”, their own “coercive diplomacy” is justified. This “double standard” for the international community is known as the pie, revealing a strong atmosphere of American hegemony. Ironically, Blinken said in the interview that the U.S. aims not to contain or suppress China, but to defend the rules-based international order that China is “challenging.” It is estimated that only the United States can do so well in enforcing the “American rules”.

America, however, cannot define the world. It is no secret to the international community that attempts to replace “international rules” with “American rules” and to put “justice” on their interventionism. For decades, the United States has interpreted what is the “Rules of the United States” through aggressive “coercive diplomacy”, including threats of force, political isolation, economic sanctions, technical blockades and other means to achieve its strategic objectives.

From the start of fighting in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and other countries, to the planning of the so-called “Arab Spring” in Asia and Africa, from the director of the “color revolution” in Eurasian countries, to Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, China and other countries to implement “long-arm jurisdiction”, the United States of America’s coercive hands can not be ignored.

Take China, for example. From the Obama administration’s “return to asia-pacific” strategy, to the Trump administration’s definition of China as a “strategic competitor” of the United States, to the Biden administration’s “competition, cooperation, confrontation” policy toward China, the U.S. strategic intent to contain China is well known. Even now that the banner of “multilateralism” is being re-raised and the “rules” must be said, it will be hard for the US to hide the political machinations behind it.

Also coerced by the United States are international organizations. The World Trade Organization’s appellate body was paralysed in December 2019 by a lack of judges as a result of continued obstruction by the United States, dealing a heavy blow to the multilateral trading system. Attitudes have not changed much so far since the Biden administration took office. At a regular meeting of the WTO dispute settlement mechanism at the end of April, the representative of the United States again rejected a request to open the selection process for judges of the Appellate Body.

Even America’s allies, while seeing the “America is back” banner, actually get not equality, but all kinds of coercion and hardship.

Blinken will ask Germany to shut down the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline project during a meeting of G7 foreign ministers in London this week, Russia’s TASS news agency reported. Denmark’s Politico newspaper recently revealed that the U.S. Embassy in Dan asked it to indicate whether to use Huawei, ZTE and other five Chinese enterprises electronic equipment, if refused to provide relevant information or use the above-mentioned corporate equipment, the U.S. Embassy may terminate its subscription to the newspaper.

Sovereign States, big or small, strong or weak, were equal in international law, and no one was willing to accept coercion. Not long ago, German Chancellor Angela Merkel made it clear at a video summit of EU leaders that Europe needs an independent policy towards China. Denmark’s Politico newspaper also said recently that it would not respond to U.S. demands. American coercive diplomacy, touched a nose gray.

It has long been clear who is aggressive and trying to dominate the world, and china’s development is designed to give Chinese people a good life and has no intention of being the “world’s boss”, which has been widely recognized by the international community. American politicians who indulge in “coercive diplomacy” have effectively put the Country on a path of “national hegemony”.