Home Politics The U.S. Congressman was kicked out of two committees for past “conspiracy theories” remarks.
The U.S. Congressman was kicked out of two committees for past "conspiracy theories" remarks.

The U.S. Congressman was kicked out of two committees for past “conspiracy theories” remarks.

by YCPress

Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican Republican congressman from Georgia, has publicly supported conspiracy theories such as “Anonymous Q” and made a large number of hate speeches on social media in American politics. It caused great controversy.

According to CNN, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to pass a decisive move on Thursday night (4th local time) – removing Green from her two House committees.

The two committees are the House Committee on Education and Labor and the House Budget Committee respectively.

The resolution was eventually passed with a result of 230:199, with 11 Republicans “anti-water” voting for the Democrats’ decision to “revoke the Green Commission”.

Although Green vigorously refuted her previous remarks, saying that she was “repentful”, her past words did not represent her values, etc. But on social media, they supported the “remote vote”, and netizens believed that Green’s behavior exceeded the bottom line.

But there are also a few netizens who believe that this is an insult to the Democratic Party’s so-called “freedom of speech”.

Interestingly, when Green defended himself in the House on the day of voting, the mask he wore clearly wrote the words “freedom of speech” in scarlet letters.

Green, who believes in “white supremacy” and advocates the conspiracy theory of the far-right group Anonymous Q, has made controversial remarks on social media, including support for unfounded allegations such as Trump’s “election fraud”, claiming that 9/11 was a hoax, and repeatedly inciting violence against Democrats. Li, saying that “former President Obama, Pelosi and others should be executed”.

( Observer.com Note: “Anonymous Q” conspiracy theorists believe that during Trump’s presidency, there was a deep government within the U.S. government against Trump and his supporters.)

Green’s above-mentioned behavior aroused strong dissatisfaction among congressional Democrats, who put pressure on Republicans to strip Green of his own position on the committee before launching the vote.

But the Republican Party did nothing. House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy issued a statement on Wednesday, saying that Democrats’ removal of congresswomen’s committee positions was a “partisan power grab”.

House Republican leadership also believes that Green’s remarks before the election are “totally inappropriate” and should be condemned. But they still urged Republicans to vote against it, because they thought it would be “a dangerous new precedent”.

The resolution before the House today is not about comments made by Rep. Green in the past, but about further violations of minority rights that will have lasting and destructive effects on the institution.”

Speaking to the House on Thursday, McCarthy said that Democrats were hypocritical and double-standard.

He referred to the past behaviors and remarks of Democratic lawmakers such as Ilhan Omar, Maxine Waters and Eric Swalwell, saying that they were not affected for this but were rewarded.

Prior to the same day’s vote, Green defended himself in the House of Representatives through a speech.

On the mask she wore that day, “freedom of speech” clearly written in scarlet letter.

Voting results Video screenshot

She said she found something that was unreasonable to her while watching the news, and then “accidentally found ‘Anonymous Q'” in late 2017.

She then began to be very interested in the conspiracy theory and posted on Facebook to discuss it.

She added that she felt “very uneasy” throughout 2018 and felt like she couldn’t trust the government.

I was allowed to believe in something unreal, I would ask questions and talk about them, which is definitely something I regret.

I wouldn’t have been standing here today if it weren’t for those Facebook posts and comments I liked in 2018.

You won’t point at me and say that I’ve done something wrong, because my life has always been very good, and my family and I are proud of it.”

“These are the words of the past, and these things don’t represent me, don’t represent my constituency, and don’t represent my values,” Greene stressed, who believed that “9/11 absolutely happened” and “the school shootings are absolutely true, and every family who lost their children is mourning.”

She said she had moved away from the conspiracy theories of Anonymous Q, and when she ran for Congress in 2020, she never mentioned any conspiracy theories she published in 2018.

“I think it’s important that we all know that no one is perfect,” Green said.

“The media is as guilty as the ‘Anonymous Q’ conspiracy theory.”

Her remarks were not approved by the Democrats, but angered them.

“I didn’t hear you apologize for those words that were extremely dangerous or hurtful,” said Rep. Jim McGovern, a member of the House Rules Committee and a Democrat from Massachusetts.

Many social media netizens also pointed out this point, saying that Green “only regrets, no apology.”

A large number of netizens expressed support for the vote, and some even thanked 11 “anti-water” Republican lawmakers through comments, saying that “doing the right thing is respectable”.

“Politically, when we support a person, we support the way they choose to act…

The hope is that the people we support don’t call for people to die directly, which is the minimum standard we can set, and she (Green) is directly below that standard.”

Among the criticisms and even criticisms against Green, some netizens believe that this matter is about “freedom of speech”, which is “the insult of Democrats to freedom of speech”.