Home Politics The Trump election lawyer team is in conflict ! People in the limelight were removed
The Trump election lawyer team is in conflict ! People in the limelight were removed

The Trump election lawyer team is in conflict ! People in the limelight were removed

by YCPress

According to the latest reports from many US media, a female lawyer who was appointed by US President Trump to join his campaign and helped him overturn the results of this year’s US presidential election was just removed from the team.

Some American media believe that this may be because the lawyer “excessively”, in order to help Trump fabricated some extremely exaggerated rumors, and even began to bite some of Trump’s allies, leading to Trump’s team Had to draw a line with her.

According to a report by the US political information website Politico, the attorney who was removed was named Sidney Powell (Sidney Powell), who was a lawyer for Michael Flynn, Trump’s former national security assistant.

(The screenshot is from a report by Poltico, the woman in the picture is Powell)

Judging from past reports in the US media, Flynn was investigated by the FBI in 2017 because of Trump’s “Russia Gate” incident, and it was found that he had spoken with Russian officials on the phone before the 2016 election and had not Can explain the matter truthfully. Since then, Powell has been in frequent contact with Trump’s White House for Flynn’s lawsuit.

At that time, Powell’s defense strategy was to continuously fabricate conspiracy theories online, claiming that Flynn was framed by the “shadow government” that truly controls the United States. She has even been shut down by social media such as Twitter because of these conspiracy theories.

However, some American media reported that the reason why Powell defended the client in this way was because she herself was a believer in these conspiracy theories.

(The picture shows that Powell was banned from Twitter for spreading conspiracy theories to defend Flynn)

In short, according to Politico and other American media, Powell’s performance at that time quickly won her favor from Trump. After all, Trump can win over a large number of supporters by relying on this conspiracy theory that “the United States is controlled by a shadow government of a group of elite predators.”

(The picture shows the report on Powell by the US “Business Insider” website, saying that she has always been a believer in the conspiracy theory that claims that the United States is controlled by the “shadow government”)

Therefore, after the US election this year, Trump, who has always refused to admit that he lost the election, appointed Powell to join the campaign’s team of lawyers to collect evidence that could subvert the election result.

Trump also made it clear in a post published on November 15 that Powell is a member of his “great team.”

But embarrassingly, just a week later, on November 22, Trump’s team of lawyers suddenly issued a statement stating that Powell, who was appointed by Trump only a week ago, was not a member of their team of lawyers and represented Nothing Trump.

This sudden personnel change naturally caused a lot of speculation in the American media.

Media such as Politico and Forbes News of the United States believe that Powell’s delisting may be due to her “excessive force” in accusing Trump of “fraud” in the election, and not only fabricated a conspiracy theory that could not be proven at all, namely Claiming that the election was controlled by Cuba, Venezuela, China, the Clinton family and Soros, and even when he could not produce any evidence, he shot Trump’s allies in the Republican Party, suspecting that they were against Trump. Insufficient assistance and accused these Republicans of being “accomplices” to election fraud.

Among them, the Politico website pointed out that Powell’s accusations against Brian Camp, the Republican governor of Georgia, made some Trump allies very dissatisfied. Camp was accused by Powell only because he recounted the votes for him at Trump’s request and found that Trump had indeed lost the state, so he announced the result of the count.

However, from the current point of view, Powell is not “depressed” because of being removed from Trump’s team of lawyers.

In a statement, the lawyer Powell, who had long been “incapable of extricating herself” from the conspiracy theory, said that she accepted the arrangement of Trump’s team of lawyers. She even said quite “righteously” that she would continue to do her best to expose the “fraud” in this election to defend the United States from being destroyed…