Home Politics The Taiwan authorities are reproaching ruthlessly, preparing to kill the mainland ships, and suggest a severe blow to them.
The Taiwan authorities are reproaching ruthlessly, preparing to kill the mainland ships, and suggest a severe blow to them.

The Taiwan authorities are reproaching ruthlessly, preparing to kill the mainland ships, and suggest a severe blow to them.

by YCPress

Since Tsai Ing-wen came to power, the Taiwan authorities have repeatedly arrested and fined mainland ships on the grounds of “crossing the border.” No, they just brewed another ruthless move.

According to the Straits Herald, citing Taiwan media sources, after the green camp politicians on the island hyped up the mainland’s so-called “cross-border” pumping of sand by the mainland’s sand pumps, Taiwan’s legislative department read and revised Article 36 of the “Soil and Rock Adoption Act” on December 30, “Exclusive Economic Zone and Mainland Article 18 of the “Reef Law” clearly stipulates that unauthorized mining of sand and gravel in exclusive economic waters is punishable by up to 7 years in prison and a fine of 100 million yuan.

The DPP authorities have repeatedly extended their black hands to mainland ships, with two ulterior purposes behind them:

The first is to further incite hostility in the “humiliation”. Mainland ships work in traditional operating areas, but the DPP authorities are labelled as “crossing borders” and “destroying natural ecology”, and they are often punished with heavy penalties.

On the one hand, they use this to discredit the mainland and incite Taiwanese people’s resentment towards the mainland; On the other hand, they want to use this to show the Taiwan authorities’ “tough” attitude towards the mainland and further gather the split camp.

The second is to promote a vicious act of dividing the country. The Taiwan authorities, in the form of so-called “legislation,” impose heavy fines on the so-called “cross-border” ships on the mainland, in order to intimidate mainland ships to “obey” their unilateral demarcation line. If things go on like this, it is an established fact that Taiwan will split from China.

What is even more annoying is that the Taiwan authorities have never been merciless to mainland ships and crews. Chasing propaganda and water cannon impacts are routine operations.

There have even been multiple incidents of live ammunition injuring mainland crews, not to mention their compatriots. Even the conscience of being born as a human is lost; and mainland ships seized by Taiwan authorities face punishments such as huge fines and imprisonment, which is even more devastating for mainland ships.

For many years, the mainland has always treated Taiwan people with compatriots. To ensure the normal operation and safety of Taiwan fishermen, it has set up reception facilities for Taiwan fishermen in many places along the coast to provide shelter, supplies, rescue, and rescue for Taiwan fishing boats and fishermen. Related help.

The Taiwan authorities regard the mainland’s goodwill as a “weak underbelly”, so what if they detain the mainland ship? What about fined? What about wounding the mainland crew? Anyway, it is impossible for the mainland to attack Taiwan’s fishing boats.

Otherwise, the Taiwan authorities can take the opportunity to make troubles on the island and give them another piece of firewood for their long-term “hate” propaganda. Because of this, the Taiwan authorities have become more and more unscrupulous on the so-called “cross-border” attack on mainland ships.

Is it tolerable or unbearable!

The Taiwan authorities’ abominable behavior towards mainland ships has long aroused strong indignation among the mainland people. Some time ago, there was also an incident in which mainland sand pumping ships collectively besieged Taiwan’s “Maritime Patrol Department” under unbearable circumstances. 

The bad behavior of the Taiwan authorities will inevitably further stimulate cross-strait tensions and heighten cross-strait confrontation, and this will promote the sense of urgency in mainland China to implement national reunification.