Home Politics Had it not been for Taiwan’s “defense department” to issue this news, China would not have known that the PLA was so powerful.
Had it not been for Taiwan’s “defense department” to issue this news, China would not have known that the PLA was so powerful.

Had it not been for Taiwan’s “defense department” to issue this news, China would not have known that the PLA was so powerful.

by YCPress

December 30, 2020, Taiwan’s “Defense Department” issued an important news: Continental aircraft flew more than 380 rounds of Taiwan in a year, exceeding the frequency of one per day. 

China Army high-intensity flight around Taiwan is a strong warning to the separatists on the island, but it is also making real war preparations for the reunification of the motherland.

In today’s war, the first priority is to seize air supremacy. To seize air supremacy, the first thing to do is to adapt to the combat airspace.

People who are not familiar with the Air Force may not feel this: the sky is empty and unobstructed, still need to adapt? In fact, the sky looks vast and empty, but there are hidden dangers. 

Due to the sun, the air on the side of the earth facing the sun will expand when heated. In the airspace below 15,000 meters, because the upper part of the atmosphere is cold and the lower part is hot, the low-altitude air will expand when heated, while the high-altitude air will shrink when it is cold. The upper and lower air convection each other, so it is called the “troposphere.”

The airflow changes in the troposphere are very complex and uncertain, and considering the difference in specific heat between the ocean and the land, water and soil, the speed of absorbing and releasing heat is also different, so the air convection between land and ocean is more For obvious. 

Your seemingly empty space may have ascending or descending air currents, or even turbulence, which poses a great threat to the safe flight of the aircraft.

If you do not know the weather environment and air current characteristics of a certain airspace in detail, and you rush into it, let alone air combat, you may not even be able to fly safely. 

From this perspective, an important factor for China military’s fighter planes flying around Taiwan at high frequencies is to collect air weather data around the strait on the spot to facilitate future operations in these airspaces.

The PLA’s high-frequency deployment of fighter planes to fly around the taiwan mission requires to a large extent the need to observe and collect air conditions and weather data around the taiwan. 

Careful observation will reveal that most of the aircraft flying around Taiwan are currently large-scale Y-8 anti-submarine patrol aircraft, which carry large-scale weather observation radars and photoelectric observation systems. The Y-8 has a relatively large body and a large payload. While observing and collecting meteorological data, it can also monitor and analyze military and civilian radio systems on the island.

Worldwide, the most similar to the Y-8 anti-submarine patrol aircraft is the US P-3C “Orion” anti-submarine patrol aircraft. The P-3C anti-submarine aircraft can not only monitor the submarine in the sea, but also has powerful radio monitoring and signal collection and sorting capabilities, and can detect a certain depth of land around the aircraft. 

During the Kosovo War in 1999, NATO’s P-3C patrol aircraft not only provided NATO air force with real-time surveillance and reconnaissance data, but also directly mounted 14 SLAM missiles to directly perform air-to-ground precision strike missions. This shows that anti-submarine patrols The powerful machine function. The significance of sending the Y-8 anti-submarine patrol aircraft to fly on the platform is self-evident.

It is not difficult to see from the PLA’s high-density flights around Taiwan that the mainland is currently highly vigilant against separatist activities on the island.

We can see that the first ship of 075 has not returned after going to sea in the name of sea trial, but went directly to Hainan and berthed with the “Shandong” aircraft carrier.

This probably explains many problems. We also noticed that the 075-2 ship was launched for sea trials in just a hundred days, and the third ship is now basically completed. China army is developing amphibious combat forces at such a high speed, and I believe “you know” who it is aimed at.

The navy and air force bypass the Taiwan Strait at high frequency. Naturally, they are also familiar with the sea conditions, air conditions, and weather surrounding the Taiwan Strait.

They have repeatedly surveyed and confirmed the deployment of military forces on the island, such as command posts, radars, missiles, and air defense positions. The people gave a decisive battle and a final victory.