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The superstar fell, the veteran said goodbye to the field… Taking stock of sports memories in 2020

by YCPress

In the thick fog in Los Angeles, “Black Mamba” Kobe Bryant died in a strangling way. In a short 41-year life and a legendary 20-year career, Kobe not only famous for his five championship trophies and a single game of 81 points miracle, but also inspired a generation of basketball enthusiasts with transcendent efforts and the desire for victory.

“The days when you get up early, those days when you struggle, those days when you keep fighting until night, those days when you are too tired to play, but you still struggle to get through and exceed the limit, that’s dreams.” Nowadays, the “Little Flying Man” on the basketball court has already flown far away, but the “Mamba” story of unremitting efforts will always become the interpretation and footnote of the sports spirit.

Perhaps genius always has two faces – the toughest and most paranoid, like angels and devils, just like the king of the ball Maradona.

In the annals of the Mexican summer of 1986, he dedicated half-court and five-person performances, leaving a highly controversial and talked about “Hand of God”; on the green field, he created his own football era with talent and sweat, and off the field, he The wayward and surly personality and extremely undisciplined lifestyle leave people with infinite boos and regrets.

“Soccer is the most beautiful and healthy sport in the world. I made mistakes and paid the price, but football should not be stained.” The departure of Maradona, a multi-faceted “old horse” and a legendary king of the ball generation, has taken away the youth memories of countless people, but every goal and every picture he left in the football world will always be imprinted in the hearts of people who love football.

The dead go away, and the living move forward. In the brilliant galaxy, the legend continues.

With Kobe’s blessing, LeBron James, who wears a Lakers jersey, won the championship trophy for Los Angeles and wrote his historical score before Kobe. Outside of basketball, he has also been on the front line of the United States against racial discrimination and police violence.

Under the gaze of Maradona, Messi paid tribute to the idol with a wonderful shot. After scoring, the scene of him wearing a Maradona jersey and two fingers made countless fans cry. Despite the break and choice with Barcelona at the beginning of the season, Messi, who eventually stayed in Barcelona, is still pursuing Maradona’s legendary road.

The veteran said goodbye, and the waves behind are terrible.

This year, some people chose to say goodbye to the arena and embark on a new field of life.

“2000-2020, for 20 years, I will say goodbye to the national team. It was really difficult to export.” In July this year, Lin Dan announced his retirement, and the “Super Dan” who dominated tennis circles “retreated from the world”.

In his 20 years of national team career, Lin Dan’s evolution from a young maniac to a mature veteran. In the men’s singles final of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the scene of him saluted the audience after winning the championship, and then threw away his shoes and rushed to the stands, which has become one of the most classic scenes in the history of Chinese sports. From young to “old”, Lindane’s achievements are dazzling enough that 20 world championships have so far been unmatched.

“‘Persiste’, I told myself at every painful moment that you can make your sports career longer. In recent years, I want to challenge the physical limit of an ‘old’athlete and practice the sports spirit that I will never give up than to pursue the ranking at a young age and simply. There has been a youthful edge, and there has also a trough of Athens; he has experienced the peak of the Olympic championship, and also experienced the veteran’s late struggle… As the dream of the fifth Olympic Games gradually drifted away, 37-year-old Lin Dan decided to turn around.

With the distant figure of “Super Dan”, the legendary “Lin Lijue” in the world badminton world also came to an end. Lin Dan and Li Zongwei’s 14-year dialogue has created a classic confrontation and a commendable great friendship. Time and age can’t stop the old people’s love for badminton. On the field for which they were proud and fought, the lights went out, but they may meet again in the future.

The relatively short career and the fierce back wave impact – the cruelty of competitive sports often brings “tears of the times”, without leaving an opportunity to lament “master youth return”.

In June this year, 23-year-old e-campaigner Uzi ended his eight-year career. From reaching the finals of the League of Legends World Championship for the first time in 2013 to winning the gold medal in the exhibition competition for the Asian Games in Jakarta, Jane’s proud and shining career has accompanied the rise of China’s e-sports industry. And the struggle and pain accumulated behind each highlight moment also let more people see the value and influence of e-sports outside the game.

The descendants are terrible, and the new star is dazzling. In the 2020 League of Legends World Series, 18-year-old Chen Zebin won the first “five kills” in the history of the finals, and joined the LPL in his first season and won the second place in the world competition. In the tennis field, two “post-90s” players shine brilliantly: Austrian player Tim won the U.S. Open championship and became the first “post-90s” Grand Slam winner; and Russian player Medvedev won the top three in the world in the ATP year-end finals. Under the iron wall of Federer, Nadal and Djokovic’s “trident”, the world tennis world finally blows a “new wind”.

Sports spirit passed on from generation to generation

Not long ago, Lang Ping celebrated his 60th birthday.

If there hadn’t been the epidemic, Lang Ping might have removed the whip of the Chinese women’s volleyball team at this time, but the Tokyo Olympic breakup made her have to “delay retirement”. In 2020, Lang Ping and the women’s volleyball team girls held a seven-month closed training. This extremely difficult and extraordinary experience has made Lang Ping and the Chinese women’s volleyball team stronger.

“In the days when there is no competition at all and only boring training is left, everyone still encourages each other to practice every day as much as possible. As long as you have a goal in your heart and comrades-in-arms around you, you will have the motivation to persevere and fight. Lang Ping is most touched by the weight of the four words “Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team”.

Women’s Volleyball Team, Women’s Football Team and Women’s Basketball – This year, the three major goals of Chinese women have left touching moments.

“Who are we?” Chinese women’s basketball team!” For whom?” Motherland!” At the beginning of the year, the shouts at the Belgrade women’s basketball Olympic qualification are still in my ears. The women’s basketball girl wrote “Come on China” and “Come on Wuhan” on the boots and also wrote it in her heart. After three consecutive victories, the Chinese women’s basketball team won the Olympic ticket with the spirit of struggle, and also used a “energy transmission across time and space”, injecting confidence and fighting spirit into the Chinese people fighting against the epidemic.

The Chinese women’s football team, which flew to the Vietnam hemisphere, has gone through the test of centralized isolation and inability to train on the field in Australia, and still qualified for the play-offs with an unbeaten record. The tenacious sonorous roses are blooming in the cold winter of sports.

The chill hits people, and Chinese sports go against the wind. Under the epidemic, the two major competitions of the CBA and the Chinese Super League have been restarted one after another, and Yao Ming and Chen Xuyuan, the two “heads” of the association, have made great contributions. The epidemic prevention measures are adequate and the competition is wonderful. The resumption experience of China’s professional sports events has become a “template” worth copying and learning.

“It took me 35 years to change from a child who can’t play football to the head coach of the national football team.” At the beginning of this year, the “Tiejiajun” of the Chinese men’s football team was officially launched. Under the leadership of Li Tie, can the national football team with several naturalized players realize the dream of the World Cup again? At least, the second youngest young coach in the history of the national football team has enough ambitions.

Also on the new post is the “fat man who can’t play ball”. In June this year, Liu Guoliang, chairman of the Chinese Table Tennis Association, served as the chairman of the Council of the World Table Tennis Professional League, becoming the “blazer” in the development of table tennis in the world. The new role and mission have given Liu Guoliang new challenges, but the national ball is still the most reassuring existence. In many world competitions at the end of the year, Ma Long, Fan Zhendong, Chen Meng and Sun Yingsha won the national table tennis championships, and they were still as stable as Mount Tai under the tiger’s eyes of the Japanese Legion.

Chinese deity, the world is moving

In Las Vegas, Zhang Weili raised the five-star red flag on her shoulder.

In 2020, when there are only a few sports events, Zhang Weili’s winning moment is even more precious. As China’s first UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) champion, Zhang Weili successfully defended her gold belt this year.

“Women can do a lot of things, don’t be defined. She can have many faces, either gentle, brave, tough and independent.” In China, mixed combat is still an unpopular event. But people like Zhang Weili not only because she is “very good at fighting”, but also because of her persistence and tenacity throughout her growth, and the martial arts demeanor and spirit revealed on and off the field.

There is not only the strength to speak with fists, but also the invisible bones of elephants. In the face of the fierce words and provocations of her opponents off the court, she responded with rational words and firm attitude. Although you can’t enjoy the glory of raising the national flag and playing the national anthem on the field, the desire to win glory for the country has been imprinted on this Chinese “fighting girl”. After successfully defending her title, she won applause for herself in the face of a speech from the audience around the world – “The epidemic is a matter for all mankind. I hope everyone can work together to defeat the epidemic!

In the Forbes 2020 China Celebrity List released this year, two sports athletes were shortlisted, one is Zhang Weili and the other is Wu Lei.

In 2020, in Spain on the other side of the ocean, Wu Lei, the “hope of the whole village”, experienced the double blow of the team’s relegation and COVID-19.

“We are experiencing arguably the most difficult moment in life so far. Before going abroad, how would you have thought that the road to studying abroad would stand the test of life? Human beings are so small in front of nature, and the ranking of winning or losing on the football field is even more insignificant. I’m going to enjoy the rebirth of the field when the game starts again. Although there is still a chance to play in the top league, Wu Lei chose to stay with Espanyol. After experiencing the ups and downs of the new season, Wu Lei finally ushered in a long-lost goal recently.

“No one can defeat this Chinese in perseverance” – Spanish media once commented on Wu Lei. This “lone seedling” of Chinese football abroad is still growing in the wind and rain, continuing to write about its own football life.