Home World The spokesperson of the Eastern Theater Command used four words vividly in response to the passage of the US ship across the Taiwan Strait.
The spokesperson of the Eastern Theater Command used four words vividly in response to the passage of the US ship across the Taiwan Strait.

The spokesperson of the Eastern Theater Command used four words vividly in response to the passage of the US ship across the Taiwan Strait.

by YCPress

The Global Times reported on December 19 that the US Aegis guided-missile destroyer “Mustine” crossed Taiwan in the early morning of the same day. The US Seventh Fleet claimed that the operation was intended to “show the United States’ commitment to the so-called free and open Indo-Pacific region” and declared that “the US military will continue to fly, sail, and operate anywhere permitted by international law.”

On the same day, Colonel Zhang Chunhui, spokesperson for the eastern theater of our army, responded that the theater organized naval and air forces to track and monitor US ships throughout the entire process. Zhang Chunhui said that the US ships have traversed the Taiwan Strait from time to time and made hype, deliberately raising the issue of the Taiwan Strait, lest the Taiwan Strait will be calm and “send autumn waves” to the separatist forces, which will seriously endanger the peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait.

Zhang Chunhui used the four words “Ming Qiubo” in his response, which was praised by netizens as “very vivid”. Indeed, as Colonel Zhang said, since Trump assumed the presidency of the United States in 2016, in order to contain the momentum of China’s strong rise, Washington has torn down the so-called strategic ambiguity it has maintained in the Taiwan Strait for a long time. Although the U.S. government did not recognize this, it does not prevent us from believing that the U.S. side will interfere in the war in the Taiwan Strait, because the term “clearly sent to the wind” is used.

The “Mustine” is the 39th Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer in the United States. It has been in service for 17 years. The ship can be described as an “old friend” of the Chinese people. We have found its phantom in the East China Sea, South China Sea and Taiwan Strait many times. In August of this year, the ship visited the Taiwan Strait once, and that time it took the side closer to the mainland coastline.

The Taiwan Strait is an important international waterway shared by both sides of the strait. According to the International Convention on the Law of the Sea, it is absolutely necessary for US warships and aircraft to pass harmlessly. But everyone with a discerning eye knows that the U.S. military is not simply coming here, but taking the opportunity to provoke troubles, show off force, send false signals to the separatists on the other side of the strait, and show our muscles.

According to public information, this is the 12th time that a US warship has crossed the Taiwan Strait this year. The last time it crossed the Taiwan Strait was the USS Berry destroyer, which took less than a month for both times. As the spokesperson of the Eastern Theater Command said: “The relevant actions of the US are essentially military show off and misguided’mixed manipulation’ by public opinion. They are strategically selfish in which Taiwan is used as chess and Taiwan is used as the game.”

“Ming Qiubo” and “mixed manipulation”, the spokesperson of the Eastern Theater Command used these two words very well. In peacetime, although we know the intention of the United States to do this, there are really not many good ways to deal with it. The two sides still remain more in the “war of words”. Of course, only the United States dares to provoke aggressively in the Taiwan Strait. This is also determined by its detached strength.

We should also see that the more the US military is “clearly sending off the waves” on the Taiwan Strait issue-the clearer its strategy, the more it shows that its ability to control the bureau is declining, because it is achieving its strategically ambiguous goal in a clear strategic way. . Everyone knows that strategic ambiguity is an effective means for the United States to maximize its benefits in the Taiwan Strait.

However, with the intensification of the game between China and the United States, it is now difficult for the mainland to believe that it has enough willingness not to choose a side team. With rapid growth, it is difficult for the Taiwan authorities to believe that the United States can effectively help them resist armed reunification. Therefore, the United States is eager to adopt such a method to stabilize the two sides of the strait.

Whether it is a clear strategy or strategic ambiguity trick, the United States is already playing not go, mainly due to the strength of this elimination He Sino-US long . 

Today’s China has enough strength to bring the Taiwan Strait into its embrace, and this self-confidence is getting stronger and stronger, only one opportunity to pierce this layer of window paper. This timing may be given by the United States, it may be given by the Taiwan authorities, or it may be our own initiative.