Home World China’s response to “refusal to participate in the China-US maritime military security consultations” is indeed the U.S.
China’s response to “refusal to participate in the China-US maritime military security consultations” is indeed the U.S.

China’s response to “refusal to participate in the China-US maritime military security consultations” is indeed the U.S.

by YCPress

Two days ago, the US-Indo-Pacific headquarters issued a statement stating that the PLA was absent from a bilateral high-level video conference originally scheduled to be held this week. Davidson, the commander of the US Indo-Pacific Command, said that this is “another example of China’s failure to abide by its own agreement.” The meeting is scheduled to be held from December 14th to 16th, and the US-Indo-Pacific headquarters will hold the US-China maritime military security consultation mechanism in the form of video.

At that time, we had a judgment that the fact that the People’s Liberation Army was absent from the meeting should be true, but the reason was definitely not what the US military publicly claimed. And just two months ago, Wu Qian, spokesperson for the Ministry of National Defense of China, also announced at a press conference that the Chinese and US militaries would also hold a video conference on maritime military security consultations before the end of the year.

Compared with the United States, which has turned its hands over the clouds and rained its hands, the Chinese government has always said it. Since we declared to attend, there is no reason to go back and miss such a meeting. As the spokesperson of the Ministry of National Defense Ren Guoqiang said, maintaining the healthy and stable development of the relations between the two militaries is in the fundamental interests of China and the United States, and is also the common expectation of the international community.

Facts have proved that China’s absence from the meeting is indeed the United States playing tricks. According to a report by the Global Times on December 18, Navy spokesperson Liu Wensheng, Naval Colonel Liu Wensheng, responded to this the day before, saying that the United States insisted on pushing its unilateral issues, arbitrarily reducing the length of annual meetings, changing the nature of annual meetings, and even before the two sides had not discussed the issue. When the issues are agreed, China is forced to attend the meeting.

Colonel Liu’s intention is very clear. The United States intends to set up a “Hongmen Banquet” at this bilateral meeting. China will not accompany it. The Chinese side refused to be faulty. You invited me to your place to discuss business but wanted to play a rogue. You only wanted to buy and sell, and the world would be aggrieved if you didn’t play with you. There is no such reason in the world.

Obviously the U.S. side was unreasonable first, but it jumped out and beat the wicked people first, using their international power to speak. Facts have proved that it is useless to reason with Americans. Only communicating with them in a language they understand is the most powerful way to fight back. We also need to learn a lesson. The attitude of a gentleman is of no use to an international bully like the United States.

Due to consistently hold benevolent attitude of China in terms of publicity involved in international exchanges, and always adhering to prudent and responsible position, hoping to resolve the issue through consultation and coordination, we do not want to because of public opinion doped and make things worse. Because of this, we have suffered too much in recent years.

There are too many things that the United States and Western media have fought back. Even India has a lot of experience in international propaganda, and sometimes it makes us very passive. After the Sino-Indian border conflict, a lot of news was first sent out by Indian media and even Western media, and the domestic media later reposted them.