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The pandemic in South Asia in Europe has slowed down, and many vaccines have been or are about to be vaccinated.

The risk level of Santa Clara County, California will be raised to close indoor dining

by YCPress

November 16 According to the US “World Journal” report, recently, the Northern California Bay Area has seen a sudden and rapid increase in pandemic and a surge in hospitalization rates. Since the beginning of October, the average number of new cases per day in Santa Clara County (Sanctuary County) has more than doubled. As the virus spreads and the number of hospitalizations increases, health officials in the Bay Area counties have strengthened more regulations for indoor activities where the virus is easily spread.

Saint County Public Health Director Sara Cody recently announced that Saint County has returned to a more serious red risk level and will close indoor dining. The new Saint County activity restrictions will take effect at 12 AM on the 17th.

Cody said that the number of cases in Sheng County has increased sharply. From the early morning of the 17th, Sheng County will return from orange to red. Unless the pandemic can be quickly controlled, Sheng County is likely to upgrade from red within a few weeks. To the more serious purple level, indoor dining will be closed from the early morning of the 17th.

The Shengxian County Health Bureau stated that since the opening of indoor dining in mid-October, the number of detected cases has also increased. The main reason is that customers must take off their masks to eat. Therefore, Cody and other experts in the district concluded that indoor dining must be closed to stop it. The spread of the virus.

Cody said that indoor dining is a high-risk activity without a mask. In addition to closing indoor dining, it also appeals to everyone not to gather and eat with people who live with them. The community must unite and take action. Let the virus be controlled.

Cody said that it is recommended that people wear masks at all times to avoid crowded environments and move activities outdoors as much as possible. This is the main key to controlling the virus. In indoor environments, wearing masks can only partially slow down Coronavirus droplets and gas melt. The risk of spread.

Especially when the year-end holidays are approaching and the weather is getting colder, Shengxian health officials are particularly worried that people gathering indoors will cause the pandemic to worsen. If the pandemic does not show signs of abating, Shengxian may close more facilities and activities to curb the increase.

Chinese resident Qiu Zhuoshao said that even if Shengxian opened indoor dining in October, he still did not dare to dine out. He was worried about the dangers of dining in restaurants. In addition, the recent pandemic situation has deteriorated. Go out and reduce risks.