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The Republican Party may set off a wave of "abandon Trump

The Republican Party may set off a wave of “abandon Trump

by YCPress

January 24, according to Japan’s “Yomiuri Shimbun” reported on January 22, January 20, the United States President Donald Trump ended four years in office.

Although the incident of storming the Capitol overshadowed his approval rate, but in order to challenge again in the 2024 election, Trump hopes to maintain influence after leaving office.

With the impeachment lawsuit to be launched for the responsibility of the incident, the general concern is whether the Republican Party will set off a wave of “abandon Trump”.

The report said that on the morning of January 20, when the presidency was about to end, Trump participated in a ceremony held at an Air Force base in the suburbs of Washington to leave office.

Facing supporters waving the Stars and Stripes, he boasted of the many things he had accomplished, wished the Biden administration luck and success, and announced that he would eventually return in some form.

Prior to the outgoing ceremony, Trump also expressed his hope that the departure would not last long as he left the White House.

Reports indicate that the attack on the Capitol has led to a drop in Trump’s approval rating. His confidant, former Vice President Mike Pence, did not appear at his exit ceremony, but attended the inauguration of Biden in Trump’s absence.

Republican House and Senate leaders Mitch McConnell and McCarthy also did not attend Trump’s exit ceremony, but attended a mass with Biden at a church in Washington, D.C.

An opinion poll conducted by the Pew Research Center in the wake of the storming of the Capitol showed that Trump’s approval rating within the Republican Party fell to 60 percent from 77 percent last August.

Some party moderates may begin to “abandon Trump”.

According to reports, the Republican Party has been relying on Trump’s popularity for the past four years, leading many to believe that it is gradually evolving into the “Trump Party”.

The Republican Party hopes to regain the majority of seats in Congress in next November’s midterm elections, so what distance should be maintained from Trump has become a major problem.

The Senate is about to launch an impeachment trial against Trump.

Although the current Republican Party does not occupy the mainstream of the view that Trump is guilty, but McConnell has not yet indicated the attitude, which has caused a variety of speculation.

The report noted that Trump’s dissatisfaction with the Republican Party seems to have intensified.

The U.S. “Wall Street Journal” website reported on the 19th that Trump has discussed with people around the establishment of a new political party called “Patriot Party”.

Although the new party can be set up is not known, but some people pointed out that in the matter of distance from Trump, the Republican Party may not be united.