Home Politics “Bull-headed shaman” lawyer: his client was deceived by Trump, now very regretful
"Bull-headed shaman" lawyer: his client was deceived by Trump, now very regretful

“Bull-headed shaman” lawyer: his client was deceived by Trump, now very regretful

by YCPress

Jacob Chansley, the “bull-headed shaman” who made a big splash in the January 6 congressional riots, was jailed after being put at the top of the police’s most wanted list.

In the time that followed, he insisted that he was not at fault and was “in the capital at the request of the president,” while asking for a pardon from Trump.

Now, Trump has officially left office. The dream of pardon is broken, as Trump’s loyal supporters of Chanceley completely “pink to black”, the “pot” all dumped on Trump.

According to the U.S. “The Hill” reported on the 23rd, Chanceley’s lawyer recently accepted a media interview, Chanceley was deceived by Trump to make the decision to shock Congress, I am now “very regretful”.

In the speech, the lawyer also called Trump’s previous views on “election fraud” “lies, distortions, horrible and exaggerated statements.

“He regrets very, very much that he was not only lied to by the (former) president, but that this deception led him to make decisions that he should not have made.”

Chansley’s attorney, Al Watkins, said it was Trump’s inaction and months of “election fraud” conspiracy theories that led his client to make the wrong decision.

Jacob Chansley, aka Jake Angeli, 33, a supporter of the conspiracy group QAnon, showed up at the Capitol riot on Jan. 6 wearing a cowl hat, red, white and blue face paint and a bare upper body covered in tattoos.

Because of this eye-catching costume, he was in the limelight on social media sites, and was therefore put on the top of the wanted list by the Washington DC police.

Chansley later told police after he was jailed on the 9th that he was with other “patriots” from Arizona who “came to Washington D.C. on the 6th at the request of the (former) president. Meanwhile, he and his lawyer argued that Trump should add his name to the pardon list.

The Hill says Chansley’s dream of a pardon was completely shattered after Trump left office. Now, his lawyers are defending him in another way – by dumping the “pot” on Trump.

Let’s look back over the months of lies, misinterpretations, horrific innuendoes and exaggerated statements that our (former) president concocted to inflame, enrage and motivate the public,” said lawyer Watkins. What is really curious is that our (former) president invited these people, according to the public record, to walk with him to the Capitol.”

The lawyer was referring to a speech Trump gave outside the White House before the Jan. 6 riots in Congress. In the speech, he called on people to march peacefully and “fight” on his behalf.

But the U.S. media said that the protesters did storm the Capitol after the speech, but there is no evidence that the speech is directly linked to the congressional riots.

In addition, lawyer Watkins appealed to the public not to label his client and other protesters.

“Horned, fur-wearing, meditating, organic eating …… we can’t simply wave a wand and label all these people the same on January 6.”

Chansley, the “bull-headed shaman,” has been charged with multiple counts of violent intrusion, disorderly conduct and unlawful entry into a restricted area of the Capitol.

More than 100 participants in the congressional riots have been arrested.

Screenshot of Washington, D.C. police document Screenshot of Washington, D.C. police document

It is noteworthy that after the change of government and Trump’s dismal exit, Trump’s hardcore supporters have been heartbroken and have turned “pink to black”.

On the one hand, including the “bull-headed shaman” and other participants in the congressional riots because they were not pardoned, have “betrayed” Trump, saying that they went to Washington just to respond to Trump’s call; on the other hand, the far-right group “Proud Boys” is disappointed that Trump publicly condemned violence, that “cowardly” Trump betrayed them.

Meanwhile, Trump himself, has become the first president in the history of the United States to be impeached twice.

In the afternoon of January 13, local time, the U.S. House of Representatives voted 232 to 197 to pass the second impeachment of Trump, the charge is “sedition”.