Home Politics The President of Moldova nominated Gavritser again as Prime Minister.
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The President of Moldova nominated Gavritser again as Prime Minister.

by YCPress

February 11 Moldova’s new government nominated Prime Minister Natalia Gavritzer failed to pass a parliamentary vote of confidence on the 11th, and then President Maya Sandu nominated Gavritseritzer again as Prime Minister.

On January 27, Sandhu nominated Gavrilitzer as the new Prime Minister and authorized him to form a cabinet.

The Moldovan Parliament held a vote of confidence in the new government and governance platform in Gavritse on February 11.

Sandhu told the media that the new government failed to pass the vote on the same day, and she received a letter of nomination for a new prime minister jointly launched by 54 parliamentarians, mainly the Socialist Party.

However, Sandhu finally decided to authorize Gavrilitzer to form a cabinet again.

According to the Moldovan Constitution, Parliament must vote of confidence in the cabinet and the policy platform that nominated the Prime Minister within 15 days.

If the two cabinet formations fail, the president has the right to dissolve the parliament and announce the early parliamentary election.

It is reported that in order to hold early parliamentary elections, Gavrilitzer asked parliamentarians not to vote in favor of the vote that day, while accusing the current parliament of no longer representing the interests of the people.

Moldova held parliamentary elections in February 2019.

The process of forming a cabinet was full of twists and turns because no party won an absolute majority of seats.

In June of the same year, Sandu became Prime Minister. In November 2019, the Moldovan Parliament passed a motion of no confidence in the Sandhu government, and the government led by Jan Kiku, an adviser to then-President Igor Dodong, took office.

In November 2020, Dodong lost his bid for re-election to the presidency, and the Kiku government announced its resignation in December of the same year.

Moldovan analysts believe that the current presidential power of Moldova is limited, and the early parliamentary election will help reverse the situation.

Sandu has said that she advocates early parliamentary elections as the only way out of the current political crisis.