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The outbreak is easing Portugal's restaurant industry ushers in the day of unsealing

The outbreak is easing Portugal’s restaurant industry ushers in the day of unsealing

by YCPress

April 19th, parts of Portugal celebrated the third phase of the unsealing date after the “sealing of the city”. Early that morning, next to the Lisbon Seafaring Monument, staff at a restaurant called “PORTUGARIA” began to get busy, preparing ingredients, arranging the restaurant, ready to greet the first guests after the unsealing.

At the end of last year Christmas and this year’s New Year holidays, Portugal once relaxed pandemic prevention measures, and then the situation in Portugal has plummeted, with new confirmed and fatal cases rising daily, and Portugal entering the most difficult period since the outbreak.

In response to the severe pandemic situation, the Portuguese government from January 15 began to implement the most severe containment measures, Portugal for the second time into a comprehensive “sealed city.” Portugal imposed its first-ever state of emergency on March 19 last year, and the country entered the first round of “sealed cities”.

With the current outbreak situation gradually under control, the government began to carefully and orderly gradually lift Coronavirus outbreak-related containtion measures. According to the plan, from March 15, hair salons and bookstores will open, museums, markets, bazaars, small shops and gyms will reopen from April 5, and restaurants will reopen from April 19.

According to the latest data released by the General Administration of Health of Portugal on the 19th, in the past 24 hours, Portugal has added 220 new confirmed cases and 1 new death, the lowest number since August 2 last year. The situation in Portugal is gradually improving.

“The restaurant has been closed for three months, and it’s a hard-won day, and hopefully the outbreak will end as soon as possible, and people will be able to live a normal life and bring us business.” The restaurant manager said with anticipation.

Pedro, a restaurant worker, said he had been staying at home for three months without income since “sealing the city” at the beginning of the year. “I’m so happy today!” I look forward to this day every day. ”

A customer named Ferreira says restaurants aren’t just places to eat, they’re places for friends to communicate. On the first day the restaurant reopened, he said, he and his friends couldn’t wait to meet for lunch.

A restaurant owner says the outbreak has dealt a devastating blow to the restaurant industry, which is now open, but hopes the government will do more to support the industry.

At present, The Whole Of Portugal Is Still Under A State Of EmergencY. Although most areas have entered the third phase of the lifting of the ban from the 19th, with secondary schools and universities resuming classes, opening entertainment venues such as cinemas, theatres and all commercial institutions, according to the government’s schedule, there are still some areas in Portugal where the outbreak is serious. The government said that in order to consolidate the gains made in pandemic prevention and avoid a rebound in the pandemic, the pandemic prevention measures in the severe areas of the pandemic can not be relaxed.