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Total death after flu vaccine in South Korea rises to 97

by YCPress

The Korean Disease Management Agency reported on the 7th that as of 0:00 on the 7th, the number of deaths after influenza vaccination in South Korea had risen to 97; of these, 81 were over 70 years old and 8 were under 60 years old. 

The Korean Agency for Disease Control pointed out that after investigating and analyzing the causes of death of 96 related cases, the expert investigation team believes that the correlation between the cause of death of related cases and vaccination is very low, and therefore will continue to promote influenza vaccination.

Since November and December are South Korea’s “flu season”, in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic this year, the Korean government plans to provide free influenza vaccines to all groups under 18.

62 and over and pregnant women to prevent Coronavirus Pandemic and A case of dual flu infection occurs. Up to now, more than 11.6 million people in South Korea have received the free flu vaccine provided by the government.