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Egypt-China Relationship

Egypt-China Relationship This is the best interpretation of “different nations, we share through thick and thin.”

by YCPress

Egypt-China Relationship

Xinhua News Agency, Cairo, November 6-When former Egyptian Prime Minister Essam Sharaf took to the podium of the “Community of a Shared Future for Mankind in the Post-Coronavirus Pandemic Era” Forum, experts and scholars from China and Egypt were finally able to gather together in Cairo for face-to-face exchanges Talk freely.

“All Weather” War Partners

On February 14, 2020, Egypt reported its first confirmed case of new crown. In the following months, the number of confirmed cases in a single day in Egypt went from tens to hundreds to thousands. The population base of over 100 million and the high-density living environment made Egypt one of the hardest hit areas on the African continent.

The anti-pandemic supplies aided by the Chinese government to Egypt were filmed in Cairo, the capital of Egypt, on May 10. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Wu Huiwo

“Different nations, we share weal and woe”, the poem written by the famous Egyptian poet Ahmed Shaoji will have a new meaning in 2020. Although there is a “time difference” in the pandemic situation between China and Egypt, they have still become partners in the “all-weather” pandemic.

On the evening of March 1, the three major world cultural heritage sites in Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan lit up the five-star red flag at the same time in the form of a light show to express the strong support of the Egyptian government and people to China’s fight against the pandemic. On the same day, Egyptian Health Minister Hala Zayed set off for a visit to China with a batch of aid materials.

Saladin Citadel taken in Cairo, Egypt, on March 1. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Wu Huiwo

As the situation of China’s pandemic prevention and control continues to improve, the goal of helping the global fight against the pandemic is put on the agenda.

From April to May, the Chinese government’s aid to Egypt’s anti-pandemic materials arrived in Cairo in three batches. The first China-Egypt mask production cooperation project was officially put into production in Cairo; in early July, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs aided the Arab League’s anti-pandemic materials also in Cairo. The Arab League headquarters completed the handover.

At the peak of the pandemic in Egypt, health experts from China, the Arab League and Egypt convened multiple video conferences to discuss diagnosis and treatment plans and provide advice on some difficult issues.

“Profit is not our main consideration, but curbing the pandemic.” Hu Xiaojun, the head of the mask production cooperation project, the general manager of Ningbo Jiashang Import and Export Co., Ltd., and the head of Egypt, and the executive manager of Euromed Medical Equipment Company in Egypt, Omar Abd Du expressed the same meaning to Xinhua News Agency reporters in different languages.

Fulfilling promises during the pandemic

Speaking, the body must do it. As one of the first countries to respond to the “Belt and Road” initiative, Egypt and China implemented a number of large-scale projects under the framework of the initiative. In the face of the sudden pandemic, the Chinese companies participating in the project did not retreat, but overcame numerous difficulties to fulfill their commitments. .

At 1,650 meters, this is the deepest depth of a well in the desert in Egypt so far. Under the pandemic, the Chinese and Egyptian employees of the Egyptian branch of China’s Zhongman Petroleum Co., Ltd. jointly set this record in the depths of the desert 70 kilometers away from Minya Province, Egypt.

The drilling site of China Zhongman Petroleum Egypt Branch taken in Minya Province, Egypt on September 22. Published by Xinhua News Agency (photo by Ahmed Goma)

“We are proud and gratified to stick to our commitments during the pandemic and contribute to the development of Egypt’s agriculture,” said Li Wei, general manager of Sinoman Petroleum Egypt.

In the vast Gobi, more than 120 kilometers east of Cairo, the TEDA Suez Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone jointly established by China and Egypt stands and spreads here.

During the pandemic, production activities were almost “stopped”, but the 30-year-old logistics investment director Mahmoud Besher did not give up. Instead, he worked with his team to explore the markets of China and Egypt in an all-round way, and successfully promoted the TEDA bonded warehouse project. This has overcome the tremendous pressure on the “lifeline” of investment promotion in the cooperation zone.

As of June this year, the cooperation zone has attracted 85 enterprises, with cumulative sales of 1.7 billion U.S. dollars, directly providing employment for about 4,000 people.

Promote cultural exchange together

In the north of Luxor, the ancient city of southern Egypt, the Mengtu Temple with a history of more than 3,000 years has faded in the shadow of the pandemic.

With the joint efforts of Chinese and Egyptian archaeologists, the China-Egypt Luxor Mengtu Temple Joint Archaeological Team released a phased report on the results of the pandemic.

Recalling the archaeological work during the tense moment of the pandemic, Jia Xiaobing, the Chinese executive team leader of the project and an associate researcher of the Institute of Archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said frankly that the challenge brought by the pandemic was unexpected, and the archaeological team on both sides are looking forward to returning to the Mengtu Temple as soon as possible. The next stage of excavation work.

On January 12, in Luxor, Egypt, Jia Xiaobing (left), the executive leader of the Chinese Executive Team of the Mengtu Temple Joint Archaeological Project in Luxor, and the associate researcher of the Institute of Archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, worked on site. Xinhua News Agency

Long the Nile River, the mighty Great Wall; knowing each other without distance, thousands of miles are neighbors.

Musicians from China and Egypt join hands to provide a “Cloud Symphony Concert” through the 5G network. When the experimental drama “Raksha Kingdom” selected by the National Theatre of China was awarded at the 27th Cairo International Experimental Theater Festival, the two parties included cultural exchanges. The pragmatic cooperation in various fields has not stalled due to the pandemic.

“The outbreak of the new crown pandemic has made countries have a deeper understanding of the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind. In the post-pandemic era, I believe that the international community can uphold this concept and gather greater synergy to achieve common development and prosperity.” Former Egyptian Prime Minister Essam Sharaf said meaningfully.

Looking back on the road of fighting the pandemic together, everyone has sincere care and gratitude, and they continue to express their infinite vision for in-depth cooperation in various fields in the future.