Home Business The “Nip” post is popular!” This is for you, Dad.”
The "Nip" post is popular!" This is for you, Dad."

The “Nip” post is popular!” This is for you, Dad.”

by YCPress

Recently, there have been rumors that a large number of retail investors gathered on WallStreetBets, an American online forum, raised the shares of short-selling enterprises, including Gamestop, causing some professional institutions to suffer huge losses.

Although the news has not been confirmed, many posts claiming to be participants in the event have appeared recently on this forum, including several stories that made many netizens cry directly.

Source: WallStreetBets

According to the data, there are often many individual investors sharing their investment experience on this forum called “Betting on Wall Street”.

Because many netizens will look for investment advice in the forum, since late January, some people in the forum have claimed that the shares of some companies are being smeared by investment institutions.

These professional institutions try to use “short selling” to borrow a large number of stocks to cash out, then try to make the stock price plummet, and then buy the plummeted stocks to return it back. to earn the difference.

Because in the U.S. financial market, many retail investors and self-employed companies’ shares have been suppressed and maliciously acquired by professional institutions in a similar way, harvesting their hard-earned wealth.

Therefore, these unconfirmed rumors suspected to have been instigated by institutions triggered the so-called “tail investors beating short institutions” financial incident.

Just after the incident, there were many sensational stories shared in the tone of the participants in the event on “Betting Wall Street”, the most popular of which was called “This is for you, Dad”.

The author of this article claims to have invested all his savings in the recent stock price chase.

He said that even if the money is not spent in the end, he will “fight with Wall Street”.

“My father and uncle lost their house during that financial crisis, and while I was young, I remember my dad taking my brother to the table and counting the small change, which were the only assets he had left in the world!” the author wrote.

“After that, Dad became an alcoholic, living in drunken dreams all day long.” This is all my money.

Even if I burn them all, I won’t let those Wall Street capitalists take them from me. This is for you, Dad.

Another high-profile post is the following picture created using the comic “Teenage Ninja Turtles”, which can’t be posted in a word, but it feels like “one picture is better than a thousand words”.

The CD sold by Gamestop in the picture was once a “childhood memory” of many post-90s Americans who called friends to play together when they were young.

Below the picture, many comments say that they should stop investment institutions from destroying the companies that bring them happiness at all costs.

“We are grown up now. It’s our turn to protect you!” A high praise comment wrote.

The meaning expressed by other posts has many similarities with the above content.

Some people recall that their families were in trouble with the financial crisis and Wall Street interest groups maliciously manipulated the market.

Some people slammed some American media for “helping the abuse” and spreading false news that discredited the shorted enterprises.

At present, we can’t verify the authenticity of these stories, but most of the accounts that publish these stories have been registered for more than 2 years, and it can basically be judged that they are messages from individual users.

Coupled with the fact that the stories they write do exist widely in the highly developed United States, where many netizens think these stories speak out.

The authors of some of the above-mentioned tweets said that their initial posts were recently deleted by the platform side for no reason. Many of them re-sent posts after copying the original text.

Some netizens speculated that “financial institutions pressured the platform to delete posts”, but from the perspective of the platform’s operating rules, this speculation may not be true.

On January 28, Jamie Rogosinski, the founder of the “Betting Wall Street” forum, said in an interview that he never thought that the members of the forum could exert great power to push the game post stock price soar.

According to the data, since 2021, the share price of game stations bought by retail investors in the United States has risen more than 20 times.

It must be made clear that although the above stories are very real and touching, the overall situation of the “multi-short duel” in the U.S. stock market is not clear, and many mainstream media also believe that the confrontation may be guided by institutions, which is difficult to accurately characterize the event.