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The most attractive French city: Paris fell out of the top ten

by YCPress

Paris did not enter the top ten in France’s most attractive cities? The French newspaper The Parisian reported on the 6th that Rennes, the capital of Brittany, is the most attractive city in France, according to the joint survey of two French job search websites and Hannes, a headhunting company.

The second and third places were Nantes and Strasbourg, and the capital Paris fell to 18th.

The survey assessed 20 large cities in France with a number of indicators such as quality of life, economic vitality, employment opportunities, infrastructure and green transportation. The survey time is during the resumption of work after the summer vacation.

Wrennes, located in western France, has been less affected by the coronavirus epidemic and the unemployment rate is low, according to the author of the report. As the capital, Paris not only has a high cost of living, but also the quality of infrastructure is not satisfactory.

Paris not only did not enter the top five in the category of “leisure, culture and environment”, but also ranked at the bottom of the quality of life category.

In addition, the survey also shows that “working in Paris does not require living in Paris” has become the consensus of many office workers.

This makes other cities with high-speed train stops and about two hours’ drive from Paris more popular.