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The mansion woman was crushed to death by clothes?! It's true... This has been done more than once...

The mansion woman was crushed to death by clothes?! It’s true… This has been done more than once…

by YCPress

Mr. America was shocked by such a piece of news when surfing the Internet yesterday:

A woman was suspected of being crushed to death by clothes in a rare accident in a luxury house in North Point, Hong Kong.

It is said that when you go out, you are unfortunately accidentally hit by the skyfall. It can be regarded as a low probability event to be on the news. The American gentleman has also seen a lot of all kinds of strange news:

Once a guy was hit half of his head by a pine while visiting San Francisco Maritime National Park.

Of course, there is also great luck: a grandmother living in Canada, after a meteorite smashed through the roof of her house, but it just fell on the pillow. She was fine.

If these accidents can be understood,

Who would have thought that the soft clothes at home could become a life-threatening “killer”?!

It is reported that at 8:40 on the 19th, a 59-year-old woman in a house in North Point, Hong Kong, was suspected of being crushed by a large amount of clothes and suffocated and unconscious in her bedroom. Her son immediately called the police as soon as she found out.

The survey showed that the woman’s bedroom had been piled up with various items for a long time, mainly clothes, in a mess. “Every corner of her bedroom was full of clothes, and so did the bed. She even had to sleep on the ground.”

At present, the woman has been confirmed to be dead, and no suspiciousness has been found in the preliminary investigation. The police temporarily listed it as a “corpse discovery case”, and the cause of the woman’s death was to be determined after the autopsy.

However, if you don’t investigate, you don’t know. The United States found that this thing that everyone “heard for the first time” did not happen…

And you will have to live a life before…

A similar accident occurred in the Spanish port city of Alicante:

One day in 2017, the police received a call from an 18-year-old girl for help. The girl’s parents and 12-year-old sister were all pressed under the mountain of clothes!

On the day of the incident, her 18-year-old sister slept in another room. Because she went online all the day before until early morning, she didn’t wake up until one o’clock the next afternoon.

When she woke up, she found that the house was dead, and when she approached her parents’ room and lifted the corner of the mountain of clothes, she actually found one of her sister’s arms… In the panic, she quickly called the police…

After investigation, the police found that the extremely strange accident occurred between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. After the collapse was caused by the excessive storage of clothes upstairs, the couple and their youngest daughter were crushed by these hoarded clothes. Rescue workers rushed to remove a large number of clothes and other things that were crushed on them. Pin, because the weight of the clothes was really huge, the firefighters in Alicante were also called to help, but they still couldn’t save the three in the end.

According to people familiar with the matter, the couple has a serious Diogenes Syndrome, a serious Diogenes Syndrome, which is commonly understood as storage fetish and obsessive-compulsive hoarding.

In daily life, they unconsciously collect all kinds of clothes, so there are mountains of clothes in this narrow room.

A local resident said, “You can see his balcony from the back of the house. His mountainous boxes can be piled up from the floor to the roof.”

In the end, I didn’t expect an accident, leaving my sister left in the family of four.

Some websites have summarized 10 real cases of people killed by clothes:

Being crushed to death by mountains of clothes is only one of them.

In addition, because the material of the bathrobe they wear is flammable, people are unfortunately swallowed up by flames when they pass by the stove;

When a photographer took pictures of the newlyweds near a water, because the wedding dress was very absorbent, he struggled after being washed away by the current and finally drowned, etc.

But no matter what’s good, lying at home and dying because of clothes, it feels like a real-life version of Death…