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Duterte suddenly sneered: One of the presidential candidates took drugs

Duterte suddenly sneered: One of the presidential candidates took drugs

by YCPress

Philippines President Duterte, known for “iron-fisted anti-drug”, will step down next year. For his successor, on the 18th, he “suddenly soldly arrowed” and announced that “a presidential candidate in the country’s general election next year sucks cocaine”. He also called this person very “weak” and even so, he may win the election. However, Duterte did not “name” or produce sufficient evidence to “real hammer”, but only said that he “did not engage in a conspiracy”.

Under this “mysterious veil” of unclear facts, Philippines public opinion has speculated about it one after another. On the 19th, an interim spokesman for the President of the Philippines thought that “the bell must be the bell man to be untied”, saying that Duterte should be left to decide whether to publish the name of the person himself.

As soon as this happened, some presidential candidate camp was busy “clarifying themselves”, and some candidates expressed their support for “poison testing” for all candidates.

On the other hand, Reuters reported on the 20th that the International Criminal Court (ICC), which had previously “discused” with the Philippines government on Duterte’s “suspected human rights violations” during the fight against drug crimes, showed that the ICC had evaluated the postponement submitted by the Philippines on the 10th of this month. After checking the request, the investigation of Duterte has been suspended, and he said that “we will learn more from the Philippines next”.

According to a report by Daily Inquirer on the 19th local time, Duterte suddenly announced in a televised speech the day before that a presidential candidate in the country’s general election next year sucked cocaine.

Duterte did not point out the name of the “drug addict”, but said, “He comes from a rich family.”

“I don’t understand what contribution that person (referring to “drug addict”) has made to the Philippines? Why are Filipinos fooled and supportive of him? I just want to ask, what’s his credit?” Duterte only mentioned that “drug addicts” are “a very weak leader”.

Even if he was “weak”, Duterte still said that “that man may win (in the election)”. If this is what the Philippines wants, then that’s it. As long as you know it.” Duterte also explained that he was “not plotting”, but urging the public to “find the answer”.

In addition, Duterte also praised his support for the presidential candidate, Senator Christopher Bongo, in his speech.

Due to the president’s amazing words and lack of “name call” and sufficient evidence, this matter caused a sensation in the field of Philippines public opinion under this “mystery veil”, and people have speculated about it.

Reuters reported on the 19th that Karlo Nograles, interim spokesman for Duterte’s office, also refused to disclose the identity of the “drug candidate” on the same day, saying that “we leave the question of whether to name-listing to the president and let him make a reasonable judgment.”

The spokesman also put pressure on the Philippines police, saying, “If a person violates the law, he should be arrested and prosecuted immediately.”

A Philippines police spokesman said that they did not know who Duterte meant as the “drug candidate”.

The Philippines will hold national and local elections in May 2022, when a new president, vice president, parliamentarians, magistrates and parliamentarians will be elected. According to the Philippines Constitution, the presidential term is 6 years and he is not re-elected. The current president Duterte was elected in 2016 and will leave office next year. The last day of the deadline for candidates to submit materials for the general election is the 15th of this month.

On the 15th, Duterte, who was going to run for vice president, made a decision at the last minute of his submission to run for a senator, thus avoiding the situation of competing with his daughter Sarah for vice president.

According to Reuters, dozens of people have submitted presidential campaign materials, including in addition to Duterte’s support for Christopher Bongo mentioned above, there are also current senator Manny Pacquiao, known as the Philippines “national treasure boxing champion”, and the vice president of the Philippines. Leni Robredo, Francisco Domagoso, mayor of Manila, Ferdinand Marcos Jr, son of former President Ferdinand Marcos ) – He is also the running mate of Sara Duterte, Duterte’s daughter (Sarah Duterte runs for vice president).

CNN said on the 19th that a spokesman for Little Marcos believed that Duterte’s implied “drug addict” was not Marcos Jr.; another candidate, Pacquiao, also said on the same day that he supported a “drug test” for presidential candidates.

However, on the same day, the Philippines Election Commission said that “substance abuse is not a reason to disqualify candidates”.

It is worth mentioning that according to Reuters on the 20th, Karim Khan, chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), said that after assessing the Philippines request for an extension of the investigation submitted on the 10th, the ICC has suspended its investigation of Duterte during the fight against drug crimes. The issue of “suspected human rights violations” and said that “we will learn more from the Philippines next”. In response, Carlo Nograles, Duterte’s interim spokesman, said “welcomes”.

Ramon Casiple, vice president and political analyst of Novo Trends PH, a Philippines information company, believes that although this is a “boost” for Duterte, if the new Philippines government chooses to re-cooperate with the ICC, then This may make Duterte “unable to do more after next year’s election”.

In February 2018, the International Criminal Court informed the Philippines government that it would launch a “preliminary investigation” into Duterte’s anti-drug crime action against human rights violations. In March 2019, the Philippines officially withdrew from the International Criminal Court.

On September 16 this year, Salvador Panello, the Legal Adviser of the President of the Philippines, responded to the approval by the International Criminal Court on the 15th to investigate the anti-drug operations in the Philippines, condemning the International Criminal Court’s interference in the sovereignty of the Philippines.