Home Politics Man claiming to protect Asians was beaten back to receive donations for medical injuries, US police responded
The man who claimed to be protecting Asians was beaten and received donations for medical treatment in response to the U.S. police

Man claiming to protect Asians was beaten back to receive donations for medical injuries, US police responded

by YCPress

April 16th. On the 15th local time, a message circulated on social media in Southern California, the United States, stating that a man had acted bravely to protect an Asian woman who was harassed and was severely beaten by a group of gangsters. 

After the news came out, many people donated medical expenses for the man one after another, and the names of many Chinese also appeared on the donation list. However, the US police questioned the case, saying that the case is still under investigation, and the information circulating on the Internet contains many falsehoods.

According to the US “World Journal” report on the 16th, this message was first posted on social media by the man involved, Brant Carnwath (Brant Carnwath). After being reposted by a Japanese actor, it quickly spread in the Asian community.

Open. According to sources, an Asian woman who had never known Kavas was “racially harassed” on a beach on the Long Causeway. Kavas fought a group of gangsters out of righteousness and was beaten. He did not forget. Tell the Asian woman “Run!”

The related fundraising page was set up by Kavas’ younger brother Scott, hoping that netizens would pay for his brother’s medical expenses, and said that if there is any remaining, it will be donated to a charity that helps women. 

Scott also stated in the page description that the attack made his brother not remember the details of the incident, but social media said that the woman he rescued was Asian. He hoped that if witnesses have information or videos about the incident, they can Provide it to the police.

As of 3 p.m. on the 15th local time, the two brothers had raised more than 100,000 U.S. dollars, and more than 2,400 people made donations, many of which were Chinese. 

There are also Chinese associations who plan to donate money to express their gratitude to him, but they also hope to confirm the authenticity of this matter.

However, the current investigation results of the Long Beach Police Department are different from what the Cavath brothers said. According to the information provided by the police, it seems that Kawass is not only “rescuing” Asians, nor is he even acting bravely. He seems to have caused a fight after drinking. 

The woman involved was also described as “probably an adult white” and left the scene soon after the incident. The suspects were described as adult males who fled the scene before the police arrived. After the emergency crew arrived, the victim had injuries but refused to be treated, and then went to see a doctor on his own. 

The Changdi Police Department stated that the case was just a fight and there was no evidence pointing to a racial hatred crime. The police department has now contacted the fundraising website and urged it to correct the wrong information.