Home Politics The last madness is staged one after another! Pompeo is busy laying mines for the Biden administration.
The violent impact on the Capitol has crushed the last straw of the current President Trump's camp. Senior cabinet officials have resigned one after another, and the president's own fate is uncertain.

The last madness is staged one after another! Pompeo is busy laying mines for the Biden administration.

by YCPress

Recently, U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo’s trip to Europe, which was scheduled to start on January 13, was cancelled, and the U.S. State Department explained that it was due to the handover.

However, Reuters revealed that Pompeo cancelled the trip because European officials were unwilling to see him.

As originally planned, Pompeo planned to stop in Luxembourg, then meet with Belgian Foreign Minister Vermes in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, and have dinner with NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg.

Reuters quoted sources as saying that the plan was cancelled due to the unwillingness of Luxembourg officials to see Pompeo.

European allies were “embarrassed” to meet Pompeo due to the impact on the U.S. Capitol on the 6th.

In addition, Pompeo’s short visit to Brussels has also raised public doubts about the value of the trip.

The New York Times commented that most NATO allies still remember the threat that the United States would withdraw from NATO from time to time during Trump’s presidency.

In addition to the embarrassing European allies with Pompeo’s visit to Europe, some senior American diplomats are also currently adopting the “wait for him to go” strategy, hoping that Pompeo will leave office quickly.

The New York Times reported that some staff in the State Department office are counting down to calculate the end of the current government’s term.

These senior diplomats tried to delay the major policy changes made by Pompeo in the final stage of his term, including policy towards China, the designation of Yemeni Houthi as a terrorist organization, and the re-inclusion of Cuba on the list of “supporting terrorist countries”.

Pompeo was crazy again before leaving office. Pompeo was refuted by Cuba and Iran.

On the 11th, Pompeo said in a statement of the State Council that Cuba “repeatingly provides safe haven for terrorists and supports international terrorist acts”.

Cuban Foreign Minister Rodríguez immediately posted an article on social media condemning the United States as a “terrorism support country” by the United States, believing that the move was a “hypocrisy and cynical” political opportunism.

Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif said on social media that from re-listing Cuba to the list of “terrorist countries” to claiming that Iran has links with al-Qaeda, Pompeo, “Mr. We Lie, Deceit and Steal” is sadly ending his miserable term through more lies that incite war.

Zhao Lijian, spokesman of China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, also commented recently that Pompeo left not the so-called legacy, but the legacy. His biggest so-called “legacy” is “lie diplomacy”.

He not only planned to carry out “lie diplomacy”, but also maliciously created and spread “political viruses” and recruited the revival of “McCarthyism”. Pompeo has caused more damage to the relationship between the United States and other countries, the image and reputation of the United States than any other government in the history of the United States.

Pompeo mines the foreign policy of the Biden administration

Pompeo’s last crazy move before leaving office was also criticized in the United States. The New York Times reported that Pompeo’s Iranian-related remarks confused anti-terrorism officials, believing that his statement was unsubstantiated.

Some officials also said that Pompeo’s remarks seemed to represent his own analysis conclusions, not those of the U.S. intelligence community.

The website of Foreign Policy magazine commented on the 11th that a series of recent policy adjustments made by the U.S. State Department involving China, Cuba, Yemen and other countries are aimed at consolidating the political legacy of the current government and competing with the incoming Biden administration.

The article said that senior diplomats and foreign policy experts believe that this series of policy adjustments are “parting last words” that deliberately hinder the foreign policy of the new government.

According to the article on the website of Newsweek magazine, Pompeo has always been one of the president’s strongest allies, promoting Trump’s unilateral foreign policy of “America first” and leading the way in promoting the government’s action against Iran and other countries.

Meanwhile, Pompeo has been criticized for a long time. He has been accused of politicizing the State Department for Trump and personal affairs and selling misinformation in defense of the government.