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The reporter asked Pence "Are you worried about the violence (inauguration day)" Pence did not answer.

The last hope is gone? Source: Pence refused to overturn the election results

by YCPress

The results of this year’s U.S. election have been determined, but Trump and his Republican allies are still not determined. They seize the last straw of the current Vice President Pence and hope to rely on him to overthrow the election results in one fell swoop.

However, this “ambitious” plan was rejected by Pence himself.

On December 27th, local time, Republican Congressman Louise Gohmert of Texas and several other Republicans used a strange move to sue Pence to overturn the Election Count Act, which has been relying on since 1887, and even demand the law.

The House authorized Pence to overturn Trump’s defeat in key battleground states in the United States at a meeting presided over by him on January 6.

However, according to the US media “politico”, lawyers for Gomert and 11 Republicans in Arizona revealed on the 29th that Pence refused to sign their plan to overthrow the election results.

As required, Vice President Pence, who is also the President of the Senate, will preside over the meeting on January 6 next year to announce Biden’s in office.

Based on this responsibility, some Trump supporters called on Pence to “destroy the ceremony” and refuse electoral votes to prevent Biden from taking office. Gomert and others filed a lawsuit against Pence on the 27th.

U.S. media “politico” reported on the 29th that Gomert and others revealed that their lawyers contacted Pence’s office lawyers before going to court to try to reach an agreement.

According to Gomert’s document, “In the conference call, the plaintiff’s lawyer made a meaningful attempt to resolve potential legal problems through agreement, including making recommendations to the vice president’s lawyer that if the two parties disagree, the plaintiff intends to seek immediate injunction relief”.

The document also shows that “these discussions failed to reach an agreement, so we filed a lawsuit”.

The report pointed out that Pence’s rejection of the plan launched by Gomert and others to overthrow the election results was the first sign that Pence was resisting these extreme appeals.

Some of Gomert’s attorneys, who have dealt with Trump’s lawsuit to overturn election results in key swing states say they have been in contact with lawyers in the Department of Justice’s civil division to learn about the government’s formal response to the lawsuit.

Gomert and others hope to speed up the trial of judges and make a decision by January 4 at the latest and appeal before the Congressional session on January 6.

“Trump and his allies have filed a smidable absurd lawsuits since the election ended, but the lawsuit on the 27th is arguably the strangest one.” In 2020, one elected congressman not only believes that the vice president should have the power to unilaterally decide the outcome of the presidential election, but also hopes that the federal judiciary can help achieve this goal.”

The report also said that although the lawsuit itself is unlikely to receive legal support, it does put Pence in a position where he has to defend the lawsuit, putting him in opposition to Trump and his defenders.

If he chooses to support, it will expose his attempt to overthrow voters in the 2020 election. The intention of

It is worth mentioning that CNN previously reported that Trump had complained that Pence had not done enough to support his efforts to overturn the election results.

Last week, Trump also retweeted a tweet from his own supporter who called on Pence to “take action” to block the result of the Electoral College vote confirmed by Biden’s victory on January 6, asking Pence to express his position.

Also on the 27th, the Republican-leaning authoritative polling agency, the Rasmussen Reports, also called on Pence to overturn the election results, and even quoted “Stalin’s famous saying” to call on Pence to refuse the electoral vote: “Those who vote can’t decide anything, so Only those who count the votes can decide everything.

However, U.S. media pointed out that Pence did not have the right to refuse electoral votes. And this so-called “Stalin famous saying” is also likely to be fabricated, which he has not said in history.