Home LifestyleHealth The last flight from India to Italy arrived on the 3rd passengers will be concentrated in isolation
The last flight from India to Italy arrived on the 3rd passengers will be concentrated in isolation

The last flight from India to Italy arrived on the 3rd passengers will be concentrated in isolation

by YCPress

May 3 Italy’s Ministry of Civil Defence reported 9,148 new confirmed cases and 226 deaths on Tuesday, Euronews reported. The country has a total of 4044,762 confirmed cases, 121,177 deaths and 349,2679 cured cases.

According to reports, on May 2, local time, Italy’s National Coronavirus Emergency Committee General Figliolo, Lazio Regional President Zingaretti and other relevant department heads, special trip to the “Rome Gate” shopping center, to attend the launch ceremony of a large-scale vaccination center in Rome, and to promote the Italian vaccination program.

The large vaccination centre in Rome, established by the Rome Health Service in cooperation with the Italian Red Cross, covers an area of 1,000 square metres and consists of 26 vaccination rooms and 27 doctors, with 1,000 doses per day and 70 staff responsible for vaccine management.

General Figliolo said a new vaccination campaign for the over-60s will continue quickly, and that the current stage of vaccination is not enough. At least after we’ve made sure that the majority of people over the age of 65 are vaccinated, we can make vaccinations available to people of all ages.

He said that under the government’s Coronavirus vaccination program, while 500,000 doses of the vaccine are currently administered every day, the vaccination target will reach 1 million doses per day from June, 60 per cent of the population will be vaccinated in mid-July, and Italy will be able to achieve mass immunization in September.

As an Indian flight landed at Rome’s Fiumicino airport on April 28, 23 of the 213 passengers and 10 crew members on board, including two crew members, were found to be infected with the new coronavirus, prompting complaints from Lazio regional president Zingareti, who called for a complete blockade of flights departing from India. At present, lazio region regulations, except for Italian passengers from India, must be nucleic acid testing and isolation, Indian citizens will be banned from entering the country.

The last flight from India to Italy is reported to have landed on May 3 at the airport of Orio Arseglio in the province of Bergamo in the Lombardy region of Italy, and the authorities have made careful arrangements and resettlement measures for the arrival of the aircraft and are on standby. The resumption of flights between Italy and India will await the end of India’s Coronavirus outbreak emergency.

The charter flight from India to Italy will depart from amritsar, Punjab, with 150 passengers on board, all of whom live in Italy.

Passengers must undergo nucleic acid testing 72 hours prior to departure at boarding and will be tested again for viruses upon arrival. All passengers will be taken to the local Covey Hotel for 10 days after arrival. At the end of the quarantine period, a third virus test will be conducted to leave the hotel if the test is negative.