Home Politics The King of Jordan issued an open letter declaring national security and stability.
Jordan's military has foiled an attempt at smuggling and infiltration along its border with the country

The King of Jordan issued an open letter declaring national security and stability.

by YCPress

King Abdullah II of Jordan announced in an open letter on the 7th that incitement had subsided and national security had been stable.

The Royal Palace of Jordan issued an open letter from Abdullah II to the people on the 7th. “There is nothing, anyone more important than the security and stability of the country,” he said.

The coronavirus epidemic has exacerbated the serious economic challenges facing Jordan, and he is aware that the people are facing these difficulties and will unite the people and the Hashemite family to meet these challenges.

Regarding the current situation of Prince Hamza bin Hussein suspected of involvement in incitement, Abdullah II said that Hamza and his family are currently in the royal palace and under his own “care”.

Hamza said that he would abide by the Hashemid family’s rules, while promising the national interest, the constitution and the law take precedence over everything else.

On the 4th, Jordan’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs Safadi said that Jordan recently defeated a national security-threatening activity involving Hamza and others and linked with foreign forces, which has been “stuffocated in the bud” by the relevant state agencies.

Hamza, 41 years old, is the son of the late King Hussein of Jordan and his fourth wife, Queen Nur, and half-brother of the current King Abdullah II.

Abdullah II appointed Hamza Crown Prince in February 1999 and declared him crown prince status in November 2004.