Home Politics The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is more than just solidarity with the people of Europe and the United States
The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is more than just solidarity with the people of Europe and the United States

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is more than just solidarity with the people of Europe and the United States

by YCPress

The conflict between Palestinian militant groups in the Gaza Strip and Israel has recently escalated. Affected by the conflict, Europe and the United States on the 15th outbreak of demonstrations. Most of the population protested peacefully, and there was violence in individual demonstrations.

In the British capital, London, large numbers of demonstrators gathered near Hyde Park to advance towards the Israeli Embassy in the United Kingdom. They held signs that read “Stop bombing Gaza” and chanted “Let Palestine be free.” Organizers of the demonstration claimed that about 150,000 people took part.

Hussam Zomlot, the Palestinian ambassador to Britain, told the demonstrators that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was different from the past: “We are united, we have had enough of oppression”.

The two sides have clashed several times since Ramadan in mid-April. Palestinians and Israeli police on the 7th and 10th of this month in Jerusalem’s Old City Temple Mount (Muslims call the “prestige of the forbidden areas”) broke out serious clashes, triggering the Gaza Strip Palestinian armed groups and Israel exchanged fire. Israeli air strikes in Gaza, the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) fired rockets in return.

Data released by the Israel Defense Forces and the Gaza Strip health department on the 15th showed that the conflict has killed 10 People on the Israeli side, 114 injured, 139 people were killed and 1000 injured in the Palestinian side. The Israeli military on the 15th air strikes in the Gaza Strip, a media office building, claiming that there is an office of the military branch of Hamas.

In the United States, demonstrations broke out in Washington, D.C., The Largest City, New York, Boston, Massachusetts, And Dearborn, Michigan.

About 2,000 people gathered in the Belichick area of Brooklyn, New York, as demonstrators waved Palestinian flags and slogans such as “Stop the genocide in Israel.” As demonstrators gathered on a street in an Arab neighborhood, some Jews opposed to Israeli military action took part with signs reading “Unity with the Palestinians.”

U.S. President Joseph Biden spoke by phone with Israeli and Palestinian leaders on the 15th to discuss the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In a phone call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Biden expressed concern about civilian casualties from the conflict and the safety and security of journalists.

Demonstrators protest outside the Israeli Consulate in Montreal, Canada. A demonstrator was arrested for damaging a consulate window, according to a Montreal police spokesman.

Demonstrations broke out in the German capital Berlin and Frankfurt, Hamburg, Leipzig and Stuttgart. 120 demonstrators protested at government buildings in Berlin’s New Kern district, and violence took place at another nearby demonstration involving about 3,500 people. According to the police law, the police believe that the demonstration violated the epidemic prevention measures, demonstrators threw bottles and stones and other items at the police, the police use chili water. It was not immediately clear how many people had been arrested.

In Athens, the Greek capital, thousands of demonstrators went to the U.S. Embassy in Greece to protest. Riot police used water cannons and police and some demonstrators fought in front of the embassy.

In the Spanish capital, Madrid, about 2,500 demonstrators protested in the city centre. A demonstrator of Moroccan origin told AFP that the demonstration was to urge the Spanish government and the European Union to put pressure on Israel to end the conflict.

Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei urged the international community to stand firm and achieve an independent Palestinian state

16, the leaders of Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei issued a joint statement calling on the international community to stand firm and work to preserve the “two-state solution” and establish an independent Palestinian state based on the pre-1967 borders and with East Jerusalem as its capital.

The statement, jointly issued by Prime Minister Muhiddin of Malaysia, President Joko of Indonesia and Sultan Hassanal of Brunei, also reaffirmed the solidarity and commitment of the three countries to the Palestinian people, including their right to self-determination, as well as their support for Palestinian independence and sovereignty.

The three leaders also strongly condemned Israel’s continued attacks on Palestine, eastern Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, resulting in civilian casualties, including women and children.

In their statement, the three leaders also urged the United Nations Security Council to take urgent action, including all necessary measures, to guarantee the security of the Palestinian population.