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Eleven people have been killed in multiple shootings in Cape Town, South Africa

by YCPress

Cape Town, May 16 2021 South African police said on the 16th, the country’s legislative capital Cape Town, a region 15 shooting incidents, killing 11 people were killed and 7 seriously injured.

Police in the Western Cape province, where Cape Town is located, said in a statement that there were multiple shootings in Cape Town’s Cayelica area on the 15th. The first shooting that morning resulted in the death of a man with multiple gunshot wounds. The second shooting incident that afternoon was believed to be linked to the first, resulting in the death of one Somali and the serious injury of one Somali. Three more men have since been shot dead not far away.

In addition, a shooting incident at a grocery store in the Cayelica area that afternoon killed two men on the spot and two Somalis near the grocery store. Several people were seriously injured in the shootings, two of whom died after being taken to hospital.

Local police have reportedly stepped up their presence in the area and are investigating the shooting. The acting police chief of the Western Cape, Tenbisile Patkile, said police were tracking the suspects and investigating extortion gangs operating in the Kayelicha area, not ruling out their links to the shootings.

Cape Town is South Africa’s legislative capital, and parts of the city have long been controlled by gangs and violence is high.