Home Politics The Israeli-Palestinian conflict continues to escalate, with hundreds of Palestinians killed
The Israeli-Palestinian conflict continues to escalate, with hundreds of Palestinians killed

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict continues to escalate, with hundreds of Palestinians killed

by YCPress

In recent days, serious clashes have broken out between Israeli and Palestinian forces in the Gaza Strip. 13 is Eid al-Fitr in Islam, but the conflict between the two sides has not stopped, the fighting continued into the night.

According to the health department in the Gaza Strip, four consecutive days of Israeli air strikes and shelling from 10 to 13 have killed 103 Palestinians, including 27 children, and injured 580 others – 49 Palestinians died in Israeli attacks on the 13th alone, the deadliest day in four days of the conflict.

On the Israeli side, seven people, including two children, were killed and more than 100 injured. The Israeli military says militants in the Gaza Strip have so far fired about 1,750 rockets at Israel, and Israeli forces have carried out air strikes and shelling on more than 600 targets in the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli air force and ground forces began to attack the Gaza Strip

According to the latest news, the IDF local time on the 14th morning, Beijing time this morning announced that the Israeli air force and ground forces began to attack the Gaza Strip.

Let’s call Sun Wei, the chief station reporter in Jerusalem.

Hamas says there is no “red line” in its response to Israel

13, in a video released by a Hamas-affiliated military wing, a spokesman for the group said Hamas’s decision to strike Israeli cities was “as easy as drinking water.” The spokesman also said that there was no “red line” in Hamas’s response to Israel’s “aggression” and that there were no so-called “rules of engagement” or complex calculations.

In addition, Hamas Media Warfare Office released another video on the 13th, showing members of the group is preparing to launch a “suicide drone” attack on Israel.

Hamas announced the firing of heavy rockets in the direction of Israel’s Ramon airport

Hamas spokesman also announced on the 13th, Hamas-affiliated armed wing “Kassam Brigades” the same day to Israel’s southernmost port city near Eilat Ramon airport, fired 250 kg of heavy rockets, Hamas urged all international airlines to immediately stop flights to any Israeli airport.

Several international airlines, including United Airlines, American Airlines, British Airways and Lufthansa, have cancelled flights to Israel as a result of the escalation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The military called Gaza residents: The missiles are about to blow up your home

In recent days, Israel has launched intensive air strikes against the Gaza Strip, destroying several high-rise buildings, including some residential buildings.

On the 13th, local time, the owner of a five-story building in Gaza suddenly received a telephone call from the Israel Defense Forces, was informed that the building where he lived was about to be bombed, asked him to evacuate immediately.

(Gaza Strip) Israel Defense Forces: Soon your building will be bombed.

Shortly after the owner received a call and evacuated, the alarm sounded and an Israeli air strike hit his building.

(Gaza Strip) local residents: We are residential buildings, what can be bombed? I asked the caller what was in the building that they needed to hit, and he said he would call me when the bombing was over and tell me why, and I wanted to know why. The owner, who was in the apartment and shops, did not receive another call about the bombing, but the Israeli military later issued a statement saying there were “Hamas intelligence agencies” in the building.

After the air strike, residents and merchants in the original building shuttled through the rubble, searching for some useful items.

Here is another Gaza Strip in the 13th air strikes into ruins of residential buildings, search and rescue workers are still searching for survivors. Resident Khalid described the moment the air strike took place.

(Gaza Strip) local resident Khalid: We were sitting at home when I heard the neighbors shouting, and I went into the street and asked them what had happened, and they said Israel was threatening to attack the building next to them. When I went back, as you can see, F16 fighter jets fired more than 20 rockets to raze it to the ground. We have a family of eight, and children, my mother, brothers and sisters and nieces. We went from the room in the middle of the first floor to the open space outside.

Rockets hit israelis under anti-aircraft sirens

At present, the conflict has resulted in the death of seven Israelis, including an Israeli soldier, an Indian labourer in Israel and five Israeli civilians, including two children.

Rockets followed, and Israelis lived in constant anti-aircraft sirens.

Here is the state of emergency in the central Israeli city of Lude, 13, anti-aircraft alarm sounded, eating in the café people have to get up, looking for shelter.

In the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon, people who had come too late to enter the house in search of shelters knelt in the streets.

Haim Amar’s family lived in Ashkelon, and the anti-aircraft siren sounded, and he immediately ran all the way into the underground bomb shelter.

(Ashkelon) local resident Haim Amar: We’re all used to it, the Israelis are strong. Thank God, we support each other and hope that one day peace will come and put an end to all this.

The video shows people fleeing in a house in the central Israeli city of Petatikwa in the early hours of the 13th local time when rockets hit.

In the southern Israeli city of Stelot, a five-year-old boy died in a rocket attack on the evening of the 12th local time – Idit Botla, who lives in the same building, sobbed in an interview on the 13th.

(Stelot) local resident Edit Botla: “My house is on the sixth floor and it’s been hit by rockets, we’re not slowing down, our blood is boiling.” It was first hit by rockets 20 years ago, followed by rounds of violence. Why is this so? Children’s lives are destroyed, and why is this the case with families that have lost their children?

The Iron Dome defense system intercepts a wide variety of targets at the same time

In the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Israel deployed an “Iron Dome” defense system to intercept rockets. The Iron Dome defense system was officially deployed in 2011 and has all-weather combat, rapid response and a certain degree of rocket/shell saturation capability. An upgrade was completed in March this year. The defense system is reported to be able to successfully intercept and destroy targets, including drones and simultaneous rockets and missiles.