Home Politics The German government has finally begun to be ruthless!
The German government has finally begun to be ruthless!

The German government has finally begun to be ruthless!

by YCPress

According to the Daily Mail on January 18, some states in Germany have announced that the state government will impose mandatory detention on people who have repeatedly violated self-isolation regulations.

Saxony has reportedly confirmed that it plans to renovate a refugee camp next week, plus fences, to accommodate quarantined people.

The state said that such facilities will only be used to isolate people who have repeatedly ignored self-immunization regulations.

Baden-W├╝rttemberg said that it would use the wards of the two hospitals to isolate those who ignored the epidemic prevention regulations separately and would arrange for police to guard them.

In Brandenburg, the local government said that part of a refugee center would be converted into a separation point, while Schleswig-Holstein would use an area within a juvenile detention center to isolate those who did not listen to dissuasion.

According to the disease protection law passed by the German Bundestag last March and updated in November, German state governments have the right to detain people who violate quarantine regulations.

According to the British Daily Mail, there are some criticisms of the plan.

AfD MP Jonah Kotal criticized the Saxony government for “reading too many Orwell books”. According to the information, George Orwell is a famous British novelist, journalist and social critic.

His masterpieces are Animal Farm and 1984.

Previously, the German government had proposed to impose a mandatory vaccination against the coronavirus against its citizens, which also attracted a series of attacks.

Last May, German Chancellor’s Office Minister Helge Braun said that the German government would not force people to be vaccinated against the novel coronavirus.