Home Politics Morrison was criticized as a “coward” for not criticizing Trump for the congressional riots.
Australian Prime Minister Morrison: Still committed to "contacting" with China

Morrison was criticized as a “coward” for not criticizing Trump for the congressional riots.

by YCPress

According to several Australian and British media reports, after the violent impact of the U.S. Capitol was violently hit by supporters of US President Trump two weeks ago, the leaders of Britain, Germany, France, Canada, Sweden and Ireland quickly attacked the political riot in the United States, many of whom led by the United States. People also directly criticized Trump’s disgraceful role in it.

However, these media found that Australian Prime Minister Morrison, as a major leader in the Pacific region, has so far not criticized Trump’s role or words and deeds in the riots.

This has also aroused the dissatisfaction of many Australians, and some people call Morrison a “coward”.

Moreover, when Morrison went on vacation four days after the impact of the U.S. Capitol, Australian Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack and Australian Finance Minister Josh Frydenber, who acted for him. g) Instead, he expressed dissatisfaction with the American social platform’s blocking Trump account in an interview with the Australian media, calling such “speech censorship” “uncomfortable”. Morrison himself has not objected to the statements of the two senior officials of his government.

This embarrassing scene naturally aroused the dissatisfaction of many Australian netizens. At that time, some Australian netizens posted a post to irony: Not only did he condemn Trump, but on the contrary, Australia’s acting prime minister and finance minister condemned Twitter. The post subsequently received more than 3,000 likes.

An Australian scholar further denounced that the unwillingness of Australian leaders to condemn the President of the United States for inciting a coup is “weak” and “dangerous”. His online post has received nearly 9,000 likes.

An Australian media person fiercely attacked Morrison, saying that Morrison’s refusal to publicly condemn Trump’s actions were “weak”, “no backbone” and “cowardly”.

Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd directly called Morrison a “coward”. He also accused Morrison of being unwilling to publicly condemn Trump because his party has also been kidnapped by far-right forces.

Also worth noting, according to the Guardian, an Australian poll showed that up to 56% of the 1,003 respondents believed that Morrison should condemn Trump, 28% believed that it should not be condemned, and 14% were not sure what to do.

However, even under such pressure of public opinion, Morrison did not directly attack Trump.

According to Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald, Morrison, who returned from vacation, did not directly name Trump and criticize Trump in an interview with the Australian media on Monday. Instead, he said as if playing a word game, “Those who encourage people to go to the Capitol and do that kind of words and deeds are very, very People are disappointed.

When the Australian media interviewing him asked him if he said that Trump’s words and deeds were disappointing, Morrison’s response was still quite ambiguous, saying only: “I attach the comments of other leaders about this matter, and I think it is very disappointing that things will go to this stage.”

He even added that he “doesn’t think he should teach others what to do”.

It is conceivable that his response has once again angered many Australian netizens. As shown in the figure below, someone angrily scolded and said, “Our Prime Minister is such a strange flower.”

Others imitated his tone and said ironically: I think it is disappointing for Australia to have such a leader.

‚ÄúPrime Minister Morrison: Very disappointed; Deputy Prime Minister McCormack: Unfortunately – this is what [Australia] leaders think of the violence in American politics,” an Australian netizen wrote.

Some Australian netizens also pointed out that although Morrison said “I shouldn’t educate others what to do” on Trump-related matters, at a press conference last year, he was angry with an Australian Broadcasting Corporation reporter and taught him, just because the reporter had been asking a Questions he doesn’t like.

For us Chinese, Morrison’s statement is even more funny. After all, a large number of public reports show that he is not only quite direct and active in matters involving China, but also radical.

For example, in addition to expressing Australia’s willingness to cooperate with the U.S. Trump administration to launch a “coronavirus investigation” against China last year, Morrison also aggressively asked a Chinese painter to apologize to Australia because the painter truthfully painted the killing of Afghan civilians by Australian soldiers. A satirical illustration.

I guess the painter will have new creative materials now…