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The FAA approved 737MAX airliner to fly again

The FAA approved 737MAX airliner to fly again

by YCPress

According to a report by CNN on the 18th, the Federal Aviation Administration issued a statement on the same day that it approved Boeing’s 737MAX airliner to go back to flight after completing strict inspection procedures after being grounded for 20 months due to two consecutive serious crashes.

As the best-selling aircraft in Boeing’s history, the 737MAX aircraft was widely grounded in March 2019 after experiencing two consecutive serious crashes that killed 346 people. 

Repairing the problem made the process of the passenger plane go-around costing far more time and energy than expected. Boeing not only suffered heavy losses in business interests, but also spent nearly $20 billion on this.

It is reported that the FAA’s approval is only the first step in the return of the 737MAX airliner. All 387 airliners of 59 airlines around the world must install the necessary correction procedures, and each aircraft will be inspected separately, and the pilots will have to perform the corresponding procedures again

After training, the airliner can go around. Currently, only American Airlines has announced the addition of the 737MAX aircraft to its flight schedule, and it is expected to fly around the United States for the first time at the end of December.