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New Delhi Coronavirus cases soar

New Delhi Coronavirus cases soar

by YCPress

The Ministry of the Interior of India announced on the 18th that in order to improve Coronavirus anti-pandemic capability in the capital city of New Delhi, the Indian central government dispatched 45 doctors and 160 military medical staff to strengthen New Delhi, and the railway company provided temporary wards with 800 beds. T

he carriage is used as a health and isolation center, and more medical staff will be sent to assist in the fight against the pandemic in New Delhi in the near future. These measures were made by Indian Interior Minister Amit Shah at a recent high-level meeting. 

A spokesperson for the Indian Ministry of the Interior said that in the next 3 to 4 days, the National Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) will double the original 250 ICU beds in the newly designated hospital near the New Delhi Airport. 

The Indian Medical Research Council is working with the New Delhi government to plan to increase the nucleic acid testing capacity in New Delhi to 60,000 samples per day by the end of November. 

In order to facilitate the testing of people in New Delhi, the Medical Research Council of India plans to deploy 10 mobile testing vehicles across the city next week, which can collect 20,000 samples per day.

Since October 28, the number of Coronavirus pandemic cases in New Delhi has increased sharply, with an average daily increase of 5,000 cases. On November 11, the daily increase exceeded 8,000 cases. 

On November 18, the number of newly confirmed cases in New Delhi was 6,396, and the cumulative number of confirmed cases reached 495,598. The anti-pandemic situation is severe.

According to Indian official analysis, the reason for the continuous rebound of New Delhi’s Coronavirus pandemic is mainly because people ignored social distancing during the festival.

In addition, the continuous deterioration of air quality in New Delhi in the past month has also aggravated the pandemic.