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The Dutch "ban" measures were extended to March

The Dutch “ban” measures were extended to March

by YCPress

February 2 The Hague: Dutch caretaker cabinet Prime Minister Mark Lütte announced in The Hague on the 2nd that the Dutch “ban” measures against the coronavirus epidemic will be extended until March 2, and only primary schools will resume classes on February 8, and non-essential stores can resume booking from the 10th.

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Lüt said that despite the downward trend of multiple data related to the novel coronavirus, the number of people infected with mutant COVID-19 is increasing.” A third wave of the epidemic seems inevitable, so it is imperative to extend the “banning”.

The Netherlands closed national primary and secondary schools on December 16 last year. Although primary schools will reopen soon, middle schools will remain closed until March.

In addition, the Dutch cabinet is expected to hear the report of the epidemic management team this week before deciding whether to extend the curfew measures that expire on February 10.

According to the data updated by the National Institute of Public Health and Environment of the Netherlands on the 2nd, 28,628 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Netherlands in the past week, down from the previous week’s 35635 new cases.

However, the agency stressed that since about two-thirds of the newly confirmed cases are infected with mutant novel coronavirus, it must be “extremely cautious” in formulating epidemic prevention-related policies.

As of February 2, the Netherlands has confirmed 985,224 cases of COVID-19 and 14,108 deaths.