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U.S. Senate vetoes impeachment clause against Trump

Take the pulse for today’s Western world

by YCPress

It is really surprising that no country in the world’s major powers protested when violence broke out in the United States.

Can’t we, and shouldn’t, condemn the unbridled abuse of violence by the American police? Can’t we, should not, express our condolences to the shooting of innocent demonstrators in a demonstration…

Unfortunately, there are too many things to do in this world but not.

Because there is a hegemony of a strong man in the world. This hegemony not only has strong military power, but also has a strong comprehensive political, economic, scientific and technological power.

More importantly, it also controls the huge public opinion hegemony in its hands, shaping itself into a moral role model, forcing the world to look up to…

However, today’s powerful hegemony called the United States of America is splitting, infighting, and is likely to be on the eve of collapse.

It’s not just the United States.

The “West”, which is composed of the entire democratically elected system led by the United States, is invariably divided, infighting, and likely on the eve of collapse.

If you don’t see this, you can’t control the pulse of today’s Western world. Unfortunately, we seem to be a little afraid to read, think, study, and even more comment…

The violence on Capitol Hill marks that a page of history is turning over.

Studying this event and through this event to deeply explore what kind of crisis the West is facing, how it will happen, why it will happen, and what serious consequences it will have for the whole world, it is of great significance to our country, today, tomorrow and the future world.

What does the congressional event mean?

The dust has been settled in the U.S. election. Biden has been sitting in the White House to give orders.

Everything seems to have returned to normal…

The shocking incident that the U.S. Congress was “captured” and “occupied” by pro-Trump people on January 6 at the cost of five lives has also begun to be forgotten.

What happened in the meantime seems to us know everything in the overwhelming news reports; but if we study carefully, we will find that we only know nothing.

For example, violence: Most of the American media reports that demonstrators violently broke through obstacles and entered Capitol Hill. But it seems that there is not much violence.

It seems that more of the police watch in arm and there are many photos and videos that can provide sufficient evidence.

Some people even think that the police seem to allow demonstrators to enter the Capitol…why? We don’t understand.

Some demonstrators rushed into the Capitol to confront the police.

Even how did the female demonstrator shot dead by the police, three other demonstrators and one policeman, died? We don’t understand the inside story.

After hitting Capitol, the U.S. media reported that House Speaker Pelosi’s computer had stolen, which may contain “amazing information”.

Is it true or false? Is there any thing about this? The American media is over. Therefore, we don’t understand.

Afterwards, a large-scale search operation is under way. But how many people have been arrested? How many people “suicide” or “suicide”? We don’t understand.

Many civil society organizations, such as Antifa, are of what kind of organizations, whose organizations are they, what are the goals of action, whether the descriptions of mainstream media are credible, and who can convey the exact information to us… We don’t understand.

Still, according to U.S. media reports, it seems that there has also been a division within the U.S. military.

There were joint statements by active-duty generals in support of Biden condemning “thugs”, but at that time, Marine Corps commander Berger still said he had obeyed the orders of President Trump, who had not left office at that time. Which is true or false? We don’t understand.

If we continue to extend, there are actually too many things we don’t know about this civil unrest in the United States.

For example, the presidential election: Why does Trump believe that there are serious frauds in the election? Although the U.S. court has rejected the allegations of election fraud, insiders exposed the inside information, and there are indeed some very strange phenomena.

For example, why does the so-called “Biden curve” appear? Is it reasonable to explain this “Biden curve” by mail ballots? We don’t understand.

For example, because of the American Electoral College system, that is, the winner-take-all, more than 10,000 votes or even thousands of votes can change the outcome of the general election.

Remember what happened in 2000? George W. Bush only had less than 537 more votes from his opponent in Florida and suspended the recount, resulting in the state’s 25 electoral votes being included in his own pocket and winning the general election.

Therefore, every time in the general election, the United States appears to change the direction of electoral votes in a state by large-scale crowds moving their places or registering places before the election.

This time, Trump accused his opponents of using mail-in ballots to carry out such “legitimate” fraud. However, because the mainstream media does not mention it, some possible facts also amount to non-existence.

That’s why many of the pro-Trump believe that the election is tricky. In fact, it is difficult to find evidence for this kind of fraud. Therefore, we don’t know what the U.S. election is going on.

What’s more surprising is that Trump’s tweets for the last 20 days as president have been permanently banned! Originally, Trump’s tweet was the only different voice outside the mainstream media in the United States.

Trump’s “Twitter governance” has become a well-known fact. Because the mainstream media in the United States is completely hostile to Trump, Twitter is Trump’s only weapon.

We have seen that the media is one of the three major powers of the elected countries in the West. The media indirectly controls the minds of voters through control of the information transmitted.

Social media Twitter announced on January 8 that the account of current US President Trump will be permanently banned.

Our understanding of the world, value judgment and interest choice all come from the information transmitted to us by the media.

The reason why Trump was able to break through the unanimous blockade of the mainstream media in the United States four years ago and stand out on the presidency of the White House is that he mastered Twitter, an obviously illusory picture of the United States that can defeat the mainstream media.

But today we see that Trump has also been deprived of this power in the last 20 days of his administration.

We don’t know the real cause and consequences.

Because we don’t know the truth, the inside story, and what has happened, we should be careful about the “reality” we face.

History is often deliberately tampered with by some profound plotters.

We have found more and more signs. Today we learn that even “reality” is being deliberately tampered with through the mainstream Western media.

Therefore, we must be careful, careful and careful when writing articles and concluding…

The only thing we know is that under the condition that the power of power, the media and capital are separated and the power of capital is already “dominant”, a president who is in office can be deprived of the power of governing, voice and even the power to command the army.

And the president actually watched the people who supported him “violently” capture Capitol Hill! This is exactly what happened in the United States not long ago…

What does this mean?

The West is deeply in a double crisis of surface and deep.

Just to make one point, that is, the “democratic countries” of the United States and even the West – in the words of French President Macron’s statement on the U.S. Congress, that is, the “one-person, one-vote democratically elected system” countries – are indeed in an unprecedented historical crisis.

Some people believe that the “Trump phenomenon” is only a special case of American democracy, a special stage of history; Biden’s rise to power proves that this “historical mistake” is about to be corrected.

It remains to be seen whether the United States can correct “errors” and self-correct under Biden’s leadership in the next four years. But Trump’s refusal to admit defeat, which led to violence against Congress, has fully proved the existence of this crisis. There is no doubt about it.

On the surface, the crisis deep in the United States and the West today comes from two aspects.

On one hand, the COVID-19 epidemic is showing extremely clearly that the elected system is failing and the front line is collapsing in response to large-scale natural disasters (we don’t consider the secret truth of Fort Detrick, the American biological laboratory for the time being…); the death toll is really too different from that of China.

The United States and Europe have become the countries and regions with the highest number of infections and deaths due to the coronavirus epidemic! No matter how sophistry the United States and the West is, they can’t make a self-justified explanation for their reality of the defeat in the epidemic, not to mention that today’s epidemic is facing the risk of further intensifying in the West.

Today, the United States and Europe are also facing major problems on the issue of vaccines… The failure of the fight against the epidemic has become the most important factor in Trump’s defeat.

As for why the democratically elected system cannot cope with large-scale natural disasters, the reason is actually very simple: not not impossible, but not.

People drive in line to get vaccinated at a coronavirus vaccination site in Denver, Colorado, USA, Jan. 30

We all know that the main “capital consortium” that dominates democratically elected institutions, including industrial capital and transnational financial capital; and natural disasters such as the coronavirus epidemic damage one’s lives and the economy.

Capital must and only focus on the economy first. In a word, China’s system is the first or even the only one; while the Western democratically elected system is economic priority and takes into account human life.

The result is that it is impossible to cope with the ravages of the novel coronavirus virus epidemic.

We can predict that when other large-scale natural disasters may occur in the future, the democratically elected system will increasingly expose its inability to cope with weaknesses, which will lead to the “one person, one vote” system from crisis to crisis.

On the other hand, the electoral system itself is also in crisis. This U.S. election illustrates this very well.

The characteristic of the Western-style “one person, one vote” democratically elected system that can rotate governance and peacefully transition has always been an important factor for its “better” over other political systems.

But we all see that the results of the U.S. election are seriously questioned, and the losing party will never accept the election results that they have accused of large-scale fraud.

If this kind of question existed in the past, it was still under control in general; but this time it completely got out of control. Political antagonism within the West tends to intensify; political struggles begin to show signs of incompatibility; the past “Hello, I’m good, take turns to govern” is replacing you with a new form of struggle.

In fact, the number of voters who support Trump is so large that it is more than 75 million that it is completely impossible to sum up with the “minority mob” in President Macron’s speech.

Once this kind of doubt germinates, it will become more and more serious again, and eventually lead to the loss of confidence in the democratically elected system.

This has been confirmed in many countries outside the United States. But so far, it has not happened in the major countries of the United States and Europe. And the United States is happening.

Incidentally, there are two prerequisites for the good functioning of the Western democratically elected system.

First, depending on allowing any political party to take office, its economic development is always on the rise; the daily living standards of the majority of the society are also always on the rise.

For more than half a century after the war, the economic and daily living standards of the democratically elected countries in the West were basically in such a state.

Second, its level of economic development and national living must be much higher than that of the rest of the world, especially non-elected institutional countries.

In fact, from the post-war to the end of the cold war, the two prerequisites for the political operation of the Western democratically elected system countries have been very solid, so the democratically elected system has operated smoothly. However, today these two prerequisites have begun to collapse.

Western democratically elected countries, including the United States, have been replaced by “whoever comes to power and the economic development is in an upward stage” and gives way to “whoever comes to power and the economic development is in a recession stage”… As a result, the election results have begun to be questioned and protested.

For the United States, it is very fortunate that so far, the American and Western people in crisis have refused to recognize that China or other non-Western democratically elected political systems can be imitated, because their long-term brainwashing effect is so deep that they still think that when they fall into the abysss, they still think that democratically elected bodies The system is the “end of history”. The direction is correct, but it is just skewed.

Anti-Trump people think it’s Trump’s afse, while those who support Trump think it’s the “Washington establishment”‘s af…

The deep crisis is due to the internal division of capital.

If Biden’s rise to power can temporarily alleviate the above two surface crises, it is likely to deepen the deep crisis that the United States and the West have entered.

Deeply, the crisis of “one person, one vote” democracy in the United States and the West stems from a division of interests between the ruling groups within the West — industrial and financial capital — and their conflicts have entered a white-hot stage.

In the past, the new president’s rise to power meant a temporary compromise between the left and right parties.

Turning to the other side, that’s all. But this time, not only Trump himself refused to accept, but also his voters refused.

Why? Because the industrial capital behind Trump is not convinced!

It should be admitted that the Western media rarely mentions who is the big boss behind Trump. We only know a small part.

The Charles and David Koch, for example, are an extremely important force.” Koch Industries did not go public because they refused to let Wall Street financial consortium control their stocks. This alone, coupled with their far-right political tendencies, is very telling.

The key factor leading to the division of interests between the two forces of Western internal industrial capital and transnational financial capital is not class struggle, power struggle between countries, and ideological struggle between communism and capitalism, but the consequence of a new round of globalization, that is, the damage of one party (industrial capital), One side (transnational financial capital) continues to benefit, which in turn has led to controversy over globalization itself (for the issue of globalization leading to the division of the world into four major forces and three major contradictions, please refer to my series of articles published in Xinmin Weekly in the second half of 2018).

We all know that industrial capital has national boundaries. Financial capital has distinct transnational characteristics, and its profit-seeking nature can never be stopped by national boundaries.

Globalization has so far remained an absolutely beneficial strategy for cross-border financial capital. We always believe that Wall Street and the City of London are the strongholds of financial capital.

However, real financial capital has long become a transnational capital empire. It doesn’t matter where to register at all. Moreover, its source of profit is also the whole world.

Unlike industrial capital, it has clear borders. That is to say, it is financial capital that truly knows no borders!

In the 1980s and 1990s, the two capitals joined forces to promote globalization, carry out some “economic colonization” of the world, and made huge profits.

The problem is that by the beginning of this century, globalization began to divide the interests of the two major capital groups and caused drastic changes in the Western political chromatography: the traditional linear political chromatography from the far left-left-center-right-right-far right is evolving into a circular political chromatography; in the past, left-right politics The demarcation of governance ideology has evolved into the demarcation of globalization with “opposition” or “support”, forming a situation in which industrial capital and the far-left people at the bottom who sell labor for a living join hands to oppose transnational financial capital.

It is worth our high concern that there is a very strange thing about this political chromatography, which is difficult to explain with traditional Marxism, that is, the far right and the far left form a united front against globalization; the industrial capital of the right and even the far right of the United States represents Trump to get the middle and lower left of the United States.

The full support of the people who sell labor for a living.

In fact, many phenomena that we can’t explain with traditional left-wing and right-wing ideologies can clearly be demarcated with “supporting or against globalization”; including a series of seemingly absurd and substantively targeted behaviors of Trump yesterday and today’s Biden: for example, Trump is launching against China.

The trade war also launched a trade war against Canada, Mexico, Japan, Europe and other allies because he opposed globalization; Biden wanted to temporarily calm the trade war with everyone because he supported globalization; for example, Trump frequently “decommissioned” (because these “groups” were the result of globalization); and Biden returned at the beginning of his term. World Health Organization… Other things like anti-immigrant, corporate return, etc. Biden is doing the opposite of Trump’s “anti-globalization strategy”.

From this, we can see that all political and social forces in the United States that support Trump today belong to the category of industrial capital and the middle and lower classes, that is, the forces against globalization; while those who support Biden are basically serving financial capital, that is, Wall Street or big bank capital itself; they are all supportive of the world.

The power of globalization… Therefore, as long as the process of globalization is still in progress, the struggle between the two is far from over.

The United States is a very special country among the developed countries of the West.

The two major political parties in the United States, the Republican Party and the Democratic Party, are the spokespersons of the capital group. The United States is a party without the bottom social group, especially blue-collar workers and “red-neck” peasant classes. There are also very small and completely negligible political parties. This is different from Europe.

Europe, such as France, has a left-wing French Communist Party that has entered the French Left Socialist Party government; there are even far-left parties representing the interests of the working class and the proletariat, such as the “La Fra” led by Jean-Luc Mélenchon. nce insoumis).

Because the United States does not have a party to speak for the lower class, when Trump, the spokesman of industrial capital, under the slogan of “America First”, advocates the return of industry to the United States and receives the support of the people of the lower proletariat, his political strength is unprecedentedly strong. At this time, the conflict of interest between American industry and transnational finance caused by globalization became extremely fierce, even similar to the proletarian revolution that advocated violence in the past, with a taste of “you life and death”.

In the past, when there was a conflict of interest between industrial capital with national boundaries, it was a world war. Today, when transnational financial capital conflicts with industrial capital with national boundaries, we can’t see the consequences for a while. All we know is that the consequences will be very serious.

Why cross-border financial capital

No longer tolerate Trump?

In the past, although there has been a bipartisan struggle in the United States, such as the above-mentioned battle between Republican George W. Bush and Democratic Gore in the 2000 presidential election, it is only a power contrast and confrontation within capital.

The majority of voters are fundamentally out of the way and indifferent to this.

But this time, the vast number of people at the bottom regarded Trump as their spokesperson, so they actually mobilized widely to Washington to protest against Biden’s election and support Trump’s re-election.

If Trump’s industrial capital represented did not have a fundamental conflict of interest with transnational financial capital, how could he regard popular support as the capital to bargain with transnational financial capital? Therefore, the division of the United States is caused by conflicts of interest within the ruling class.

So, is the problem caused by globalization alone?

If the conflict of interest between the two capitals is only due to globalization, then transnational financial capital can completely allow Trump, the representative of industrial capital, to continue to be elected to power for four years, support him to transfer the industrial chain back to the United States, and even support him in a trade war with China to let industrial capital get a certain benefit, and then Can’t “rotating in power” after four years solve their contradictions as before?

It should be particularly emphasized here that when Trump himself was elected to power, he thought that he was not a president who rotated the United States from other presidents.

Before his election, in a very famous speech that has so far been widely circulated on the Internet, Trump specifically pointed out that whether he can be elected to power is a real threat to “people who control the power levels in Washington and to special interests of globalization.” This is not a simple four-year election.

This is a crossroads in our civilization history. It will determine whether our people can regain control of our government.

And in his inaugural speech, Trump reiterated: “Today, we are returning power from Washington to you, the people.” For a long time, a small group of people in Washington, D.C., have harvested the fruits of the government’s interests, while the people bear the price. Washington is thriving, but the people have not shared wealth.

Politicians made a lot of money, but jobs left, causing many factories to close…” “What really matters is not which party is in power, but to let the government be in charge of the people. January 20, 2017 This day will be remembered, and the people will be the dominance of the country again.”

This is a very obvious challenge to transnational financial capital.

For transnational financial capital, controlling a country has always been used as a means of profit by controlling its financial power, that is, controlling its currency, and then by controlling the country’s creditor’s rights.

This has become a reality in the United States.

The same is true in Europe. Why does multinational financial capital always carry out a “color revolution” against other countries that are not “one person, one vote electoral system”? Why did Soros set up an “open society” foundation to urge countries that have not yet controlled transnational financial capital to adopt “open society” policies? It is to let these societies evolve into Western-style electoral systems, control the regimes of these countries through the electoral system, and then take the financial power of these countries into their own hands and suck blood into these countries through debt.

In the United States, cross-border financial capital controls the dollar through the Federal Reserve, and in France, it controls France’s national debt through the Banking Act passed on January 3, 1973.

The United States and France are both countries that owe huge debts as a result.

Today, France’s largest annual expenditure on the national budget is to repay debts of more than 1.6 trillion euros – interest, not principal.

The national debt of the United States is even more than 20 trillion US dollars…

The interest rate of these debts alone can make cross-border financial capital rich!

The problem is that what Trump wants to do when he takes office is to regain national sovereignty, especially financial sovereignty, in his own hands on behalf of industrial capital.

This is bound to have a life-to-death conflict with transnational financial capital.

From this, we can also see that the difference between the two parties in the United States in the past is that Trump believes that his rise to power is industrial capital supported by “red-neck-blue-collar” – “the people regain their power”.

So when Trump supporters thought he had been overthrown by a corrupt election, they went to Washington to attack Capitol Hill and launched what the American media called a “coup”.

Of course, there is also a saying that incitement to attack Capitol Hill at the bottom of society is another conspiracy to make the current incident a Trump charge.

On January 25, a team of Trump’s “managers” of several House Democrats in the impeachment case were sending the articles of impeachment documents to the Senate Chamber in the Capitol in Washington, D.C.

In fact, after this incident, the Democratic-dominated Congress did pass a resolution to impeach Trump with the support of more than a dozen “betrayal” Republicans. Whoever benefits is the creator, which is the simplest logical reasoning.

So, we should really admit that we are in an unwitting state about the inside story of the Capitol Hill riot.

However, we may never know who is the real leader of this event; what we see is that the ruling blocs of European countries controlled by transnational financial capital almost make no secret that they firmly support Biden’s representative of American financial capital to power.

Few European countries have expressed their support for Trump.

This may allow us to see, at least this event proves that the division between the United States and the West really belongs to a new “revolution” of a different nature from rotating governance…

Therefore, the United States must elect Trump out of office in this election. If he can’t be elected to step down, I’m afraid other ways and means will be used to “solve” him if he can’t continue to govern.

Because Trump really moved the “cheese” of transnational financial capital. The result of President Biden’s strange election proves that the power of transnational financial capital is still slightly better than industrial capital in the United States.

But this has also really divided the United States into two parts. This is a phenomenon that the United States has never seen before after the war.

The subtext against financial capital…

We can’t see and see clearly how much division within the West has reached.

Because the Western media, mainly controlled by financial capital, still needs to describe “democracy” as a “policy battle”, rather than the fact that Trump said that “the American people are in power” or “the Washington authorities” are in power.

What we really need to know is exactly who Trump refers to as the “Washington power-based party funded by big consortia and media companies”, “people of Washington power and special interests of globalization” who “only to protect them and make them rich”? Why does Trump say “This is our country’s life-and-death struggle”? Is it “our last chance to save it”?

Why does Trump say, “This election will determine whether we are a free country, or whether we only have the illusion of democracy, but are actually controlled by a small number of global special interests”?

Why does Trump say that their “most powerful weapon is media companies, journalism” and in the United States, media companies “no longer have anything to do with journalism, they are political special interests, and are no different from other lobbyists and consortia entities”?

Why does Trump emphasize that anyone who challenges the American media “controls” will be regarded as sexist, racist, xenophobic”? Why Trump has to emphasize over and over again that the American media “will lie, lie, and then again they will do worse.

When necessary, they can do anything”? Even including “a large-scale cover-up of the truth”? …when Trump claimed that “Hillary secretly met with international banks and plotted to destroy American sovereignty. When her special interest group friends and her patrons became rich in order to make these large international consortiums…”

Is he just referring to the Democratic Party? ( All of the above are quoted from a speech by presidential candidate Trump in 2016 about the “shadow government”.)

Obviously not.

In other words, when Trump came to power, he did not only want to profit for industrial capital, but also to take back power – from whom? There are too many signs that Trump wants to get from his real “rivals” and from the cross-border financial capital that controls the United States and international financial power.

If we go further, we can find that under the pressure of Western public opinion “political correctism”, no Western media dares to point out that the main controllers of transnational financial capital, from Wall Street to the City of London, belong to a special ethnic group: the Jewish community.

Trump is not afraid to say it. He only dares to say, “This is the reality” is the reality of “you know, they know; I know, the whole world knows” (all quoted from a speech by presidential candidate Trump in 2016 about the “shadow government”).

When the contradictions and conflicts between U.S. industrial capital and transnational financial capital supported by the bottom white “red-neck and blue-collar” began to sharpen, when the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, “Yellow Vest Movement” swept Europe and the United States, when the internal political extremist forces of the United States and Western countries began to emerge, and the tradition of elections When political parties began to come to an end and society began to show an absolute division, it showed that there was an anti-Semitic undercurrent in the West from the United States to European countries, from society to politics, which was gradually rising, similar to the 1920s and 1930s on the eve of World War II.

Indeed, because Western media are mainly controlled by transnational financial capital, even other means of communication and communication such as the Internet and Twitter, this undercurrent has been hidden. But this undercurrent does exist.

Take France as an example alone, we can see that in the past five years, anti-Semitism has emerged one after another, and it has reached a new level. Even the French authorities can’t deny this.

Because of the sharp increase in attacks on Jews, especially anti-Semitism on the Internet, President Macron announced at the famous dinner of the French Federation of Jewish Organizations (Crif) on February 20, 2019 that he would adopt a new law against the spread of racial hatred on the Internet to protect the law.

National Jewish people. The latest example is that April Benayoum, the runner-up around Jewish people, caused a fierce controversy in French public opinion during the Miss France election, which fully illustrates this point.

In the United States, anti-Semitic forces and public opinion are also rising sharply.

American history has proved that whenever an economic crisis occurs, anti-Semitism occurs, which is already a rule in a sense. However, this rule is rarely mentioned by the media.

The general academic community believes that this resurgence of anti-Semitism in the United States originated in the late 1970s and early 1980s. It reached a climax 30 years later.

On October 27, 2018, even the shooting of Pittsburgh Tree of Life synagogue shocked the United States by shooting and killing 11 Jews by a 46-year-old white man. American Jewish people make up very small in the U.S. population, only about 2%. However, because the vast majority of Jews are employed in the fields of finance, law, health care and education, they are hit by the economic crisis very little.

Even in the contrary, they can become beneficiaries rather than victims in the state of globalization and counter-globalization (or they must be subsidized by the state and instead become beneficiaries. For example, the 2008 financial crisis is an example, so it is easy to become the target of hatred for the “red-blue-collar workers” at the bottom.

Trump’s rise to power has made this feature more important.

Nadine Epstein, editor-in-chief of the American Jewish independent magazine Moment, once pointed out that the emergence of the Trump presidential candidate in 2016 inspired a rise in nationalism and anti-Semitism… and Trump’s election further exacerbated this trend.

Of course, we can see and should point out that Jews are actually kidnapped by transnational financial capital. What the upper Jewish financial capital does should not be held accountable by ordinary Jews at the bottom.

Today, we have seen that not only the United States, but also many far-right forces, including the rest of the West, are rising rapidly; today, the far-right forces in the West not only continue to maintain fierce anti-exclusive (including, of course, anti-Semitism in the past), but also have new anti-Islam, anti-black and anti-exist tende.

Arab racist tendencies; this force not only appears in the past (such as Nazis or similar Ku Klux Klan), but is also forming new and legitimate political forms (such as the far-right party “National Alliance” in France). Anti-Semitism is one of its inevitable historical tasks, although this task is “politically incorrect”, so it can only be “you know, they know; I know, the whole world knows”… The only thing that is not known is likely that we Chinese…

The two major capitals of the ruling class in the West have split, the wave of anti-Semitism has emerged within Western society, and the contradictions in Western society have been in the worst state since World War II…

If we accept this judgment, the only thing we can predict at present is that within the West will enter in the next few years. Into a serious social, political and institutional crisis.

The crisis is likely to take the form of economic conflict first (with industrial capital and industrial workers as an opportunity to oppose transnational financial capital), religious conflict (Jewish-Christian vs. Islam), ethnic conflict (Jewish-white vs. Arab-black), social conflict (a combination of contradictions).

Outbreaks and then lead to conflicts between countries, groups of nations and groups of countries…

But what will happen to the wave of anti-Semitism is the most difficult thing to predict, because there are historical memories (World War II), deliberate cover-up of “political correctness” (the mainstream Western media has always kept secret of news about Jews), and there is industrial capital in support of Trump.

The life-and-death battle with transnational financial capital against Trump, and the rise of China outside China, a historical trend that makes the two major Western capitals unacceptable… We really don’t know what the future prospects will be.

This is what we must prepare for the rain today.

In his speech to the World Economic Forum on January 27, Russian President Putin warned that if we compare the current situation with the 1930s, we can find that there are many similarities between the two eras, and the world may enter a conflict or even war of “all against all”.

At the same time as this article is a thought-provoking message: Russian President Putin warned in his speech to the World Economic Forum on January 27 that if we compare the current situation with the 1930s and take into account many factors, we can find that there are hidden crises and systemic challenges.

There are many similarities between the two eras; the world may enter a conflict or even war of “all against all”.

Why does Putin say that? This is very worth thinking about.

The biggest feature of the 1930s was Hitler’s rise.

At that time, ideological antagonism had already emerged between the United States and Europe and the Soviet Union, and sharp conflicts of interest had emerged between Europe and the United States and German, Italy and fascist countries.

China and Japan were on the verge of war in Asia, or even exchanged fire. At that time, whether Germany faces west or east was a key factor affecting the direction of the world pattern…

President Putin believed that today’s world was very similar to that time, so it was possible to enter a world conflict of “all against all”.

When we see Biden elected president, immediately regarded Putin as the biggest strategic enemy against Trump’s relative friendly attitude towards Russia, and pushed for a little-disguised “color revolution” in Russia, we can fully understand that Putin is probably the clearest person in the world today.

The leaders of non-Western countries where Russia and even the world’s real problems are located! His words should be forward-looking.

Thinking about it, it makes people shudder…