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The dust of the Golden Globe Award for Best Lineup in History has been settled. Whose failure makes you feel uncomfortable?

by YCPress

Golden Globe Award History Best Dust Settlement Whose loses you?

December 15 In the early morning of the 15th, Beijing time, the Golden Globe Award-host magazine French Football selected the best 11-man lineup in football history.

Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldo; Bailey, Maradona, Harvey, Matthews; Kafu, Beckenbauer, Maldini; Yassin. Some people say that this may be the 11 best players on the planet.


This summer, Football magazine confirmed the cancellation of this year’s Golden Globe Award selection, and then launched the selection of the “Soccer Dream Team”. Since October, a total of 140 well-known journalists from all over the world have participated in the selection vote, and the best 11-person formation has been set at 343.

Among them, there is no dispute between the king of football, PelĂ©le, and Maradona, who died earlier, and there are only two active players in the team, which are today’s “unparalleled double prides” Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi.

Not surprisingly, when the dust of this list finally settles, many fans will be angry that their idols can’t enter the first lineup.


In the glorious history of football, thousands of amazing people have been born. They brought the most beautiful arc in the eyes of the world to fans with their feet. Unfortunately, the best lineup is only 11 people, which means that there are no superstars destined to be in the same place.

Like any selection, this all-time best lineup has left some controversy. In the midfield alone, it has been questioned by countless fans. Far away, the failure of Di Stefano and Cruyff, who are regarded as iconic players in the 1950s and 1970s, is regrettable.

Zidane, Rijkald and Plattini, the lack of the first lineup, made many fans feel uncomfortable. Among them, Zidane and Rijkald were included in the second lineup of the Dream Team, while Pradini was “cumbent” to the third lineup.

Many fans believe that at least Zidane should replace Matthews in the first lineup. After all, both of them have won one World Cup championship, but in terms of technology and influence in football, Zidane should be slightly better.


Countless fans have thought about the scene of Cristiano Ronaldo’s air-to-air battle against Gad Mueller, Messi and Maradona “crossed through” a confrontation.” Guan Gong vs. Qin Qiong” is often a thing that people like to talk about. Those superstars who are not in the same era cannot be compared intuitively from the data simply because of the development of football history.

This also leads to different historical bests in everyone’s mind.

Like Yassin, he is the only goalkeeper to win the Golden Globe Award, and the award of Goalkeeper of the Year is named after him. However, if you consider the number of championships and statistics won, Casillas and Buffon have the ability to compete for this position. In fact, Buffon replaced Yassin in the best lineup voted by fans.

Defensive midfielder Xavi

Football is often accompanied by inheritance and transcendence. Later generations respect their predecessors and silently chase the pace of these ancient gods. Like the greatest Messi and Ronaldo of this era, they are qualified enough to compare with their predecessors and even faintly stand in front.

As the peerless double pride of this era, it can be said that it is the wish of many fans in the world. Although Mero failed to personally lead his respective national teams to win the World Cup, Messi led Argentina to the World Cup runner-up, and Cristiano Ronaldo led Portugal to win the European Cup. More importantly, Messi 6 won the golden ball and Cristiano Ronaldo 5 won the golden ball, which is unprecedented and difficult to come later.

Perhaps the judges of French Football magazine are unwilling to lose any of them, and even put Bailey and Maradona in the midfield, which makes the “great gods” regret and makes the lineup look “top-heavy”. Ronaldinho, Van Basten and others who could play multiple roles in the midfield and frontcourt, finally lost the opportunity.

Paolo Maldini

Remarkably, France, which won two World Cups, did not make it into the first team in the end. French football has a little aversion. In the talented French football world, both Zidane and former UEFA President Plattini are considered to be one of the greatest relics.

When we lost Maradona, the controversy that accompanied him all turned into a blessing. Knowing that they have won the honor, such as Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and even Matthews, the older generation, expressed their honor. However, the unruly No. 10 can no longer hear his laughter.

Offensive midfielder: PELE

And two of the best lineups are no longer alive. As the only golden goalkeeper in the world, Yassin died in 1990.

Fortunately, they passed through the world, but they were not traceless. Like Yassin, although he has been away for a long time, the world has not forgotten his light.

Offensive midfielder: Maradona

Don’t regret who lost the election. Who is the 11 great people in football? There is no golden rule, and different people have different standards in their minds. We can feel the charm of football and experience the endless power brought by its inheritance.