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Recently, Trump has been asking, what will he do in the next two years?

by YCPress

With the end of the electoral college vote, Biden was confirmed to win the U.S. presidential election.

Even if Trump has brought lawsuits all over the United States, it is incomecced. But he still did not generously admit defeating the election, and in the past few days, the news that Trump is going to fight in 2024 is rampant. It is also reported that Trump will announce his candidacy for the next U.S. president on the day Biden is sworn in.

In an interview with many people close to Trump, the U.S. political news website Politico concluded on December 14 that Trump does not really want to fight in 2024 again, but uses “return to the White House” as a means to get what he needs most after leaving office – Guan Note. Recently, he has been asking his allies “what to do in the next two years”.

On December 14, the U.S. Electoral College voted for election according to the results of each state. Biden won 306 votes and got the official door card to the White House.

Politico believes that this result will promote more Republicans to accept Biden’s victory and will also bring more attention to Trump’s future plans. And Trump is surrounded by a group of people who support him for the 2024 U.S. election, even those who are expected to become Republican candidates.

“No one is better than [Trump] to carry the torch,” said John Fredericks, a conservative radio host who served on Trump’s 2020 campaign advisory board.

Trump called a dozen allies in days to ask what he needed to do over the next two years to “be involved in the conversation,” the report quoted several people familiar with the matter.

According to people familiar with the matter, although Trump told his allies that he planned to run for president again, Trump also said that he might withdraw within two years if he found it difficult to win.

According to the report, in the call to his allies, Trump has been asking them how to fight for the election in four years, especially the direction of the first two years.

According to two people familiar with the matter, Trump has talked about going to the Middle East, where he can continue to promote his policies, including the agreement to normalize relations between Israel and Arab countries facilitated by the Trump administration.

Allies consulted by Trump include Fox anchor Sean Hannity, former White House Communications Liaison Office director Bill Shine, and former U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenel l), and longtime Trump allies Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie.

None of these people prevented him from running for the 2024 presidential election, and even urged him to announce his candidacy on Biden’s inauguration day, so that Trump can turn attention to Biden to himself.

“He [Trump] is about to announce [election].” “The question is not whether he will announce it, but when he will announce it,” the source told Politico.

The report pointed out that if Trump announced another 2024 campaign, it would be “almost unprecedented”, and most former US presidents chose to avoid the spotlight after leaving office, in part to enable his successor to govern.

Several failed presidents have tried to make a comeback, but only Grover Cleveland succeeded. After losing re-election in 1888, he won the general election again in 1892.

Despite the big splash in the presidency, Michael Beschloss, a historian specializing in the president of the United States, threw cold water on Trump: “He would be surprised at how irrelevant a president will become after losing his re-election.

Ask Jimmy Carter. And with George H. Bush…they have realized that they can’t influence things in the way they are used to.”

But Trump will not be willing to be lonely.

Politico said that in order to avoid being considered “insignificant”, Trump is expected to start promoting his qualifications as the next presidential candidate immediately after leaving office.

“He just needs everyone to think he’s the president”

According to the report, the official election for president means many things Trump does not want to deal with, such as financial disclosure, campaign infrastructure and accepting the possibility of another failure.

But if it is just a game-based presidential election, without submitting official documents or launching a campaign, it can also give Trump the attention he needs in the next two years.

A former White House aide said: “Trump may not know whether he will really run.

He only cares about himself, and his relationship with the Republican Party is only for his ambitions rather than his position. So he will try to freeze the field and keep as many people as possible off the field. Just to give him more choices and leave all (outside) attention to him.

“The oxygen in his [Trump] life is being noticed,” said Steve Schale, head of the pro-Biden United America PAC. “I believe it’s a terrible thing for him to keep up on the news for a day…

If Trump announces (cf. Choose 2024) I wouldn’t be surprised either because he needed it (being noticed).”

Trump biographer and Pulitzer Prize winner Michael D’Antonio also agreed that Trump did not really want to run, “He has no interest in running anything, he just wants to get people’s attention.”

Politico commented: “Trump does not need to run for president again.

He just needs everyone to think he is president.”

Trump’s candidacy for election in 2024 has also caused controversy within the Republican Party. Some Republicans worry that Trump’s behavior will affect other potential Republican candidates, including Vice President Pence, Secretary of State Pompeo, and former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley.

Some Republicans complained that Trump’s early announcement of his candidacy may steal the funds and attention of other candidates in the next two years.

According to a poll by Politico and consulting firm Morning Consult in late November, 53% of Republicans said they would vote for Trump in the primary election in the 2024 presidential election.

But “Politico” mentioned in an article on December 14 that only 3 of the 11 Republicans interviewed by it now express their support for Trump.

Dan Eberhart, the main sponsor of the Republican Party, said that Trump “puts his interests above the Republican Party and the country…

I am ashamed of the speed of Trump’s regrouping after the election.”