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The Canadian Bar Association calls for greater use of online methods in court procedures.

by YCPress

A report published by the Canadian Bar Association on February 17 local time believes that the judicial system should be open to the changes caused by the coronavirus epidemic and upgrade technology to make more use of the network in court proceedings. Networking and videoization.

Since the large-scale outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic in Canada in March 2020, local governments have issued a variety of regulations for the prevention and control of the COVID-19 epidemic, and judges, lawyers and court staff have to adjust their working methods in accordance with these regulations.

Now, many Canadian courts and other legal institutions have begun to conduct litigation remotely by telephone, video or online. Some legal institutions allow filing documents in the form of electronic documents or using other network technologies to resolve disputes between the two parties.

The above-mentioned report points out that the increased use of networked and video methods in court proceedings is not a stopgap measure, but a reform of the judicial system that keeps pace with the times.

This method is more suitable for simple judicial procedures, such as procedural hearings and appeal hearings, etc., which can improve the efficiency of the Canadian judicial system.

However, the report believes that this method is not suitable for judicial proceedings where multiple witnesses are present and witness credibility needs to be verified; nor in family dispute cases, immigration cases and criminal cases, because the parties and the lawyers representing them need to have the opportunity to meet and talk directly to each other. Solution.