Home Politics The “Big Three” of the former U.S. government rubbed their hands.
Trump has criticized Biden for "destroying America" by confirming he will run for president again

The “Big Three” of the former U.S. government rubbed their hands.

by YCPress

Four years before the next U.S. presidential election, the former government’s “Big Three” have been eager to try for the presidency, and the competition on the same stage is imminent.

U.S. media revealed that after former U.S. President Trump repeatedly told people around him that he wanted to run for president again in 2024, and former Secretary of State Pompeo tweeted the countdown to the “1384” day 2024 election, former Vice President Pence is also planning to form a fund-raising committee to donate in the 2024 election. Helpers keep in touch.

Pence is considering running for the U.S. presidential election in 2024 after Biden’s first term, sources told NBC.

According to the report, Pence may announce the establishment of a committee in February to participate in politics, including by buying advertisements.

Under the IRS, such organizations are classified as non-profit social welfare organizations, which can remain active on political issues and attract millions of dollars in donations. In this way, Pence can maintain close relations with Republican donors and facilitate future campaigning.

However, Pence does not expect to officially announce his campaign plan until after the 2022 midterm elections.

Pence has not yet made a final decision on whether to run or not, his advisers said.

Pence and Trump. Source: FT

According to U.S. media, Pence’s original political image is Trump’s “faithful follower”.

No matter how bad news Trump exposes, Pence will resolve contradictions in a moderate way behind him and be a person hiding behind Trump.

But this relationship ended with the term of office.

The most striking highlight of the moderately silent Pence during the Trump administration was in the last few days of his term.

He resisted the pressure from the Trump camp and insisted on admitting Biden’s victory and did not obstruct the certification process in the joint congressional meeting.

But Pence took the scale again.

In order not to be submerged in the curse of Trump supporters, he opposed the removal of Trump and tried to get rid of the label of “traitor” under Pelosi’s lobbying.

The U.S. Congress rioted on the 6th of last month, and Trump’s relationship with Pence broke down after being accused by thousands of thousands of people.

U.S. media said that when Congress was captured, Pence and other members of Congress fled to the basement of Congress for many years to hide behind Trump.

Trump did not contact him to confirm his safety. The relationship between the two gradually became estranged, and after that day, Trump never talked to Pence again.

Pence once lamented to his and Trump co-partners that “they have been good partners for years”, people familiar with the matter told NBC, but the president abandoned him because of “a small thing”.

How can you know whether it is not a blessing if you lose your horse? U.S. media said that 15 days before leaving office, Pence chose the latter between “loyalty to Trump” or “loyalty to the Constitution”, which won him a good political image.

The former government of the “Big Three” of the United States has shown signs of interest in running for the 2024 presidential election.

According to YouGov, Trump and Pence ranked first and fourth respectively in the “Top 100 Most Reputable Republicans”, while Pompeo ranked 100th, excluding statistics.

Matt Mackowiak, a Texas Republican adviser, told The Hill that he believes Pence will be a strong candidate for president in 2024 because of his national popularity, can raise funds and influence most of Trump. Divide voters.

However, Pence also has many shortcomings. He is a leader in the Trump administration’s coronavirus response task force.

The White House’s low control capacity for the epidemic has been widely criticized, and although most of the blame is attributed to Trump, Pence is unlikely to retreat.

In addition, Pence’ lack of personal charm and passion is also considered an obstacle to his access to the White House.